It’s all about YELLOW

Yesterday, I had an amazing floral acupuncture treatment from my friend Warren Bellows. There was much that happened within the treatment itself that I could share, and may do so in a later entry, but what stands out for me is Yellow. Let me explain.

In addition to being a truly gifted healer, Warren is an amazingly talented painter. After our session, he showed me around his studio. What immediately jumped to my eyes was yellow. There was one large canvas that was completely covered in shades of yellow, and several small painted sketches that were studies of landscapes using only shades of yellow.

What amazed me was how much information Warren had conveyed working with just one color and all its variations. Even though I knew that these landscapes were not “accurate,” they appeared completely realistic. I suppose in the same way that I accept the “reality” of a black and white photograph, my mind accepted the reality of these monochromatic sketches.

Perhaps my mind filled in the missing colors after receiving the visual information. Or perhaps all the information was there on a vibrational level. Perhaps Warren was able to capture the absolute reality of those landscapes and express it through the relative relationships of the varying shades of yellow.

I’m not sure of the answer, and I’m not sure that it matters. What is important is that it reminded me of the power of color. When I lead people through guided visualizations I stress the importance of color. I urge them to pay attention to colors that show up in their meditation. The language of our inner wisdom speaks in many ways – least of all words! – and one of the ways it loves to communicate is through color.

By paying attention to the colors that are attractive to you. In many cases you can greatly accelerate your transformational process by bringing more of those colors, and their vibrational essence, into your life. Don’t dismiss the power of colors. If you get an intuitive “hit” that you need more green in your life, listen to it: Buy some plants for your house, get out and work in the garden, wear your St Patrick’s Day outfit.

Just as your body will tell you what it needs to create optimal physical health, your Spirit will tell you what it needs for optimal well being…if you listen.

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