Like a message in a bottle

A good friend of mine, Kirk Keeler, recently gave me a David Wilcox CD – Live Stories and Songs. There’s a story on it, where Dave talks about Sting’s old song, Message in a bottle. Music is like that: You write a song, send it out to the world, and never know who is going to pick up the bottle and read the message.

It’s the same with this writing. The e-zine, and these blogs and all the other writing I do gets sent out into the ocean of the Internet. I have no idea who is going to find it, who is going to read it, and who is going to benefit from it. There is a level of trust that these words that have meaning to me, will also, somewhere, somehow, have meaning for someone else.

It is, of course, wonderful to receive notes and thanks from people, many whom I don’t even know, that have been touched by my words. But often I find myself wondering about the others out there that I may never know.

Our actions are like that as well. We may never know how a smile or a kind gesture may ripple out into the world. We may never witness the effects of our actions. But our actions do reach out into the world, far beyond our abilty to perceive them.

Knowing that, I know that I will continue sending these words out into the ocean. And I know that I will strive to infuse my actions with an energy and intention that I hope will have some positive effects out in the wide world beyond my awareness.

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