One a day – Really!

I’ve made a commitment to myself, and, I suppose to those of you out there reading these words, to post at least one entry to this blog every weekday through the end of March. From just the few days that I’ve been doing it, I can tell that it’s a wonderful way to begin my workday. It allows me to focus on what’s up for me and take the time to clarify it enough to write it down and send it out.

There’s also a certain amount of freedom in these posts – compared to the monthly Evolving Times ezine articles – because of the nature of blogging: There’s a spontaneity and unpolished to these posts edge that’s really good for me. It pushes my perfectionist buttons, which is a good thing! And it gives me the opportunity to share ideas in a free-flowing manner without having to “productize” or “servicize” them.

My secret hope is that this venue will also encourage you to participate, to share, to add, to heckle, to bring whatever you feel you want to add to this forum. Sure I can write this and send it out into the mystery, but it really would be nice to get to know some of the folks that are out there reading this. And it would be even nicer to turn this into a dialog rather than a monologue.

So anytime you have something to say, just click on that comment button at the bottom of each post and jump in.

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      1. Evolving Times » Evolving Times: The Year In Review on December 20th, 2006 10:37 am

        […] I’ve watched the post count grow from the underwhelming beginnings of one entry each in January and February, through a false start in March when I committed to posting one entry a day, to the fairly impressive 39, to me anyway, entries in November. This entry brings the total number of entries on ET to 163! That even surprised me. […]

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