The Images of Money

“If money was a person, who would it be?”

Drew Rozell asked me this yesterday during the Inner Circle Coaching Group that he leads. When I checked in, I immediately saw an imposing, conservative looking, older man, dressed in a suit and tie, obviously wealthy, and, at least to me, unapproachable and intimidating. In his presence I felt diminished, withdrawn, and I wanted to stay that way. I did not want to be seen by this man. The thought of being seen by him made me cringe, as if his attention would make me even smaller.

It was quite an image, and quite a revelation for me. Money has never been the focus of my practice. And that lack of focus has shown up through a rather inconsistent flow of money into my life. Some months there’s plenty, other months there’s not a whole lot. Seeing this image explained why true abundance has eluded me up to now.

At the beginning of the year, I made the commitment to shift my focus more towards money. Not that money would become the reason for what I do, but that it would become a welcomed aspect and benefit of my work.
When I connected with that old, unwelcoming man image of money I knew I had some shifting to do.

Who would I replace that man with? Who would I choose to represent money?
The answer literally came running to me in meditation.

The new image of money I choose to embrace is a young boy, perhaps eight years old. He is running around a playground, blissfully enjoying the sun and the swings and the jungle gym. He is beckoning me to join him, to play with him, to revel in the wondrous innocence of childhood and the abundance of the world around us.
There is so much freedom in that image. The feeling reminds me of the scene in the movie Hook when Robin Williams finally remembers that he is Peter Pan and takes off flying out over the sea.

For me, connecting with money from a place of innocence and joy and playfulness feels so much more inviting than from a place of conservative, stodgy seriousness. After all what is money for if not to expand the ways in which I can play in this life?

So when it comes to money, from now on you’ll find me at the park, swinging on the swings and sliding down the big spiral slide and generally have a grand old time.

And by the way, this image of money asked me to let you know that there’s always room for more playmates at the park!

I hope to see you there.

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