Who reads all of this stuff anyway?

If I had to make a guess, I would say that close to 90% of the material posted in the blogosphere never gets read. Of the remaining 10%, probably only 10% of that gets read by more than 10 people. So why do it? I mean, why take the time to write stuff and post stuff, and pay the monthly hosting fee, knowing that the chances of having your words read are slim to none?

There are two big reasons that I can see. The first is that these blog postings are a form of creative expression that actually gets out into the world where people COULD see it. Unlike a journal entry that is for your eyes only, a blog opens the door to the possibility of being seen.

The second reason for writing and posting this stuff is that you never know when the words you have written could be exactly what someone, somewhere needs to hear. You never know when some google search for a bizarre configuration of words might lead someone to one of your postings and provide them with the exact information they needed. Whether you’re blogging about blog software or about god consciousness, the insights that you offer to the blogosphere may serve someone someday.

That is why this blogosphere is such an apt expression of the underlying energetic nature of the universe. Every piece of information needed by every being is available at every moment. When you are seeking information you just have to know where to look and how to access and understand the information.

That is why there is a certain amount of intuition necessary to effectively search the web. Except for the most basic searches, you need to be creative in your search terms in order to zero in on the information that is most appropriate.

It is not coincidental that the blogosphere has blossomed at this time: A time when our collective intuitive awareness is higher than ever before and continuing to expand at an ever increasing pace.

Like the energetic nature of the universe, the blogosphere is energy information that cannot be controlled. There is too much of it and it is not located in any one place. As I type this entry and post it, I am one node within a potentially infinite network of contributors and information seekers.

And so I, for one among millions of others, will continue to add to this blossoming, vibrant, energetic interchange. If someone, someday, finds something in these words that helps them, great. If not, that’s ok too.

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      One Response to “Who reads all of this stuff anyway?”

      1. Michelle on March 2nd, 2011 9:01 pm

        Edward, I appreciate your writings. Your words have touched me in many ways and I look forward to future thoughts. Those whose path brings them this way will be blessed by your gifts, as I am!

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