Radical Self-responsibility

When you practice the Art of Deliberate Creation, you come to realize the power of language and thought. Today I was late for my acupuncture appointment. As I drove I caught myself rehearsing the “why I was late” speech.

According to my rational mind it was a perfectly reasonable reason: My daughter, who gets up at 6:00am is still doing so, as far as she is concerned. However, our “new” time tells me that her 6:00am is now 7:00am. So this morning when she got up at 7:00, I had to scramble to feed her first breakfast, make her lunch, make my first breakfast (her second breakfast) take a shower and get dressed, get her cleaned up and dressed, gather her things (diaper bag, lunchbox, water bottle, raincoat, etc.) and finally get out the door. I managed to be on the road by 8:45 when normally – last week time – I would be on the road between 8:15 – 8:30.

And here’s where the radical self-responsibility comes in. Let’s face it, as excuses go, it’s a pretty good one. It would have been easy for me to walk in to my session and blurt out all of that stuff as a way of apologizing for being late. But I chose not to. Here’s why.

Any time you place responsibility for ANY aspect of your life on anything external, you are disempowering yourself.

Let me repeat that in a slightly different way.

Any time you do not take full responsibility for every aspect of your life you give away your power.

A true Deliberate Creator knows that she creates every experience in her life and she is willing to take full responsibility for it all.

I know it sounds a bit harsh, and it is, in some ways. But this stripping away of blame and denial of self-responsibility is critical for the evolutionary warrior.

Where are you giving away your power? When have you recently disempowered yourself by placing responsibility for some aspect of your life on someone or something outside of yourself? Click on the comment button to share your thoughts.

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