Show Me the Money!

All right. It’s not original. I admit I stole it from that movie. You know the one I’m talking about it. But hey, it works.

Let’s start with a short quiz:

Do you like money? Yes _ No _
Do you love money? Yes _ No _
Do you have all the money you want? Yes _ No _

Ok. If you answered Yes to all three of the questions, or No to all three of the questions then you’re in good shape. You don’t need to read the rest of this article. If, however, your answer to question 1 and/or 2 was Yes, and your answer to question 3 was No, then keep on reading!

Here’s the thing. If you say you like or even love money, but do not, yet, have all the money you want, it means there is some internal wiring that’s gone bad. Somewhere inside of you there is a belief that does not agree with your stated love of money and your desire for more. Trust me on this one. I speak from experience.

I’m one of those guys that has a screw loose when it comes to money. My internal wiring got all wacky-doodled somehow, and I’ve been trying to straighten it out for quite a while.

I wonder how many of you have wacky-doodled money wiring on the inside. Let’s find out. When you read the list below, notice how each one of the statements makes you feel. Good, bad, indifferent, squirrelly, joyful, scared, whatever. Just notice. Maybe you won’t get an emotion but a feeling in your body: a buzzy feeling, a knot in your stomach, a queasy sensation. Whatever it is, just notice.

Ok. Here’s the list:
· Until I have enough money people won’t respect me.
· You have to give up things you love in order to make money.
· Money is the root of all evil.
· Money can’t buy me happiness.
· When I have more money I’ll feel better.
· Money makes the world go ‘round.
· Show me the money!
· Money corrupts.
· People with lots of money are jerks.
· If I want too much money it means I’m greedy.

Ok. What happened? What did you feel? Did your reaction to any of those statements surprise you?

I’ve made affirmations and intentions around money, but until recently, I’ve been only sporadically successful in bringing home the bacon in a quantity sufficient enough to feed all the hungry mouths around me and still have some leftovers!

What was I doing wrong? Well, technically I was not doing anything wrong. I was actually doing everything right. I was offering great services and products, staying in touch with my client base, doing my affirmations, etc. But the problem was that I had an internal wiring issue. I was saying I wanted more money, but a part of me, deep down inside, was thinking the exact opposite.

A part of me felt that if my motivation was purely financial, that I was being greedy, that I was not being spiritually evolved, that I was not being of service.
Well hogwash. I guarantee you that even if I achieve every single one of my intentions about money, my purpose will remain to be of service and continue to evolve personally and assist those around me in their evolutionary process.

I don’t know what your purpose is, but I would wager pretty good odds, that if you’re reading this newsletter, your purpose goes beyond financial freedom. I also have a feeling that even in your most greedy, money-grubbing state, your underlying desire is to offer your unique and valuable gifts to the world.

When I look back at my intentions I can see that even when I was supposedly setting financial intentions and goals, I was watering them down or even negating them by combining them with intentions that were less edgy for me. Here’s an example:

I intend to achieve financial freedom by offering my gifts to the world.

Come on Ed. Not only is that not specific enough to be a powerful intention, it dilutes the focus from the financial piece.

Better would be: I intend to achieve total financial freedom. That, at least focuses solely on the goal at hand.

Even better would be: I intend to achieve total financial freedom with a net worth of at least $1,000,000 and multiple streams of passive income generating at least $25,000/month.

What if I gave you permission to be greedy for the next month? Would you be able to focus on attracting more money?

I really want you to be wealthy. I want you to feel free to want money. To want lots of money! Even more than that!

I want for you the same thing that I want for myself. And as I evolve into my ability to attract true wealth and financial freedom into my life, it is my intention to create a vortex of financial abundance into which you will be drawn!

So, for the next month, I give you permission, in fact I urge you, with all of my heart, to set clear, specific and focused financial goals. I urge you, each morning when you wake up or when you get to the office to say to the Universe or God or Source or whatever higher power you call on for support, “Show me the money!” And get ready to let it in!
or Source or whatever higher power you call on for support, “Show me the money!” And get ready to let it in!

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