This Too Shall Pass

I was browsing through a book with quotes from the “worlds wisdom traditions” yesterday and came to a quote that began “This too shall pass” but went on to put it into a different perspective than usual. The quote encouraged us to apply “This too shall pass” to all of our experiences, bad, good and indifferent. Normally we think of saying this too shall pass when something bad is happening or we are feeling upset or sad. But when we broaden our perspective it becomes clear that it all is going to pass, the bad stuff, the good stuff, and all the stuff in between. When we say and acknowledge, “this too shall pass” even when – perhaps especially when – we’re having a great day, we begin to shift our focus from external to internal. The waves and turbulence we encounter in the physical world begin to hold less power over our experience of life. And we can move into a deeper connection with the calm, peaceful center of our inner awareness. So the next time you find yourself flying and celebrating a great win, enjoy the moment, revel in the experience, be fully present to embrace the feelings, and remember that “this too shall pass!”

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