Don’t Feed the Animals!

Bear Tracks at Lake TahoeWe’re up here in Tahoe, staying at a friend’s house right on the lake. Last night we had a visitor during the night. A young black bear came by. We didn’t see him or her, but when my daughter Ella and I came down in the morning and went out on the deck to watch the sunrise, we found that lovely set of fresh bear tracks on the beach.

The bears come around because there are lots of easy meals to be had around us humans. The problems start when the bears get a bit too comfortable around us. Then what usually happens is someone thinks the bear is a big cute fluffy friend, gets a bit too close, and finds out that it’s not! Then, unfortunately, the bear has to be destroyed. They don’t relocate bears around here. Bear Tracks at Tahoe closeup

Got me thinking about how we tend to leave easy meals around for the parts of ourselves that we don’t want around. This could be in a literal sense, say, if we’re on a diet and “forget” to take those cookies out of the cabinet. Bad idea.

But it also could be in a more subtle sense. Let’s say, for instance, that you’re trying to break a pattern of scarcity thinking. You want to step into abundance, but you keep finding yourself stuck in lack. You might want to look around and see what easy meals you might be leaving around to entice that “bear” of scarcity to keep coming around.

Here are some possibilities:

Are you still hanging out with folks that reinforce your scarcity thinking?
Do you continue to focus more on what you don’t have?
Do you spend your money frivolously?
Do you have no idea what you’re spending your money on?

These are just a few examples of “easy meals” that encourage scarcity to stay around. Stop leaving these meals out and that bear will have to go somewhere else to find his easy dinner. Sunset over Lake Tahoe

So when you find yourself stuck in a pattern that you want to shift, consider taking a look around you and your environment for the easy meals you’re leaving around.

Oh, and there’s a photo of the sunset over the lake last night. I like it up here!

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      2 Responses to “Don’t Feed the Animals!”

      1. Evolving Times » Balancing Positive Expectation with Past Experience on July 17th, 2007 6:02 am

        […] same time, I also felt myself being pulled into the memory of our trip, two-years earlier – our bear-track trip – when we left the lake late in the day on a Sunday and sat in traffic for […]

      2. Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker on September 2nd, 2007 2:01 pm

        Edward, as usual, your articles have me thinking about what I need to acknowledge about myself and decide if I want to change or not. Thanks.

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