Carnival of Healing #49: Healing vs. Allowing

Welcome to the 49th Carnival of Healing. I hope you enjoy it.  

The Abraham-Hicks monster bus came to town recently and I had the pleasure of learning about the Law of Attraction from the Source at one of their Art of Allowing seminars. If you have not yet been to a live seminar, I highly recommend it.

One of the themes of the day, among many others, was an exploration of Healing vs. Allowing. As the non-physical group of beings known as Abraham spoke through Esther Hicks – Abester as they lightheartedly call themselves – they said that the word healing feels a bit harsh, a bit forced. In most cases, the very process of healing involves focused attention on the problem, the illness, the wound, the trauma. And as we know from the Law of Attraction what we focus on expands.

Hearing it from Abester made great sense to me, and at the same time, caused me to reexamine my own healing process, or as I often call it, healing “Work!” That phrase says something. How many times have you connected – intentionally or otherwise – the idea of work with healing?

Back in the late ‘1990s, when I was going through the Master of Intuition Medicine training at the Academy of Intuition Medicine, I was – lovingly I’m sure – awarded an honorary membership into the “Gluttons for Growth Group.” Growth, at that time, was synonymous with work, with struggle, with opening up old wounds and seeing how deeply I could go into them. The hope being that at some point I would get to the bottom, reach the core and be able to “heal” the wound. It didn’t happen while I was going through the training and it hasn’t happened since. Seems as if the wound I was attempting to heal was a bottomless pit.

And I was caught in the “no pain, no gain” trap: if my healing process wasn’t hard work and a painful struggle I must not be making progress.

Well, as Jeanie Marshall points out in her entry, Let’s Replace this Expression: ‘No Pain, No Gain’  this idea makes no sense and, as I’ve learned, it just doesn’t work.

As I am slowly coming to realize, a much more effective approach to healing, whether physical, emotional, or energetic, is to take the focus off of the illness, or wound, or injury, get out of the way and allow the natural, powerful energy of well-being to flow through me. This energy WANTS to flow through me. All I have to do is Allow it.

Lynda Salazar in this entry from Awaken the Genie Within offers a vivid perxonal story about the body’s natural ability to heal when we just get out of the way.

And in this post on Healing and the Law of Attraction, Shelly Horten provides a wonderful example of how animals are masters of the Art of Allowing: “What I am getting at” she says, “is that animals don’t see themselves as sick. When given the chance, they rally around whatever circumstance they are given.”

It has become very clear that as long as I continue to engage in active, intensive, often painful healing “work,” my attention remains on the wound that I am trying to heal, and this very attention perpetuates the feelings that accompany that wound. In my case, the core wound that I have attempted to “heal” is the deep feeling of abandonment I experienced when I was given up for adoption. It seems that, without a whole lot of effort, I can trace every emotional trigger point, every fear, every limiting belief that I hold, back to that one event.

Susan Anderson, over at has a very insightful entry on the topic of abandonment in her entry How to Tend Our Own Wound.

Now, while my intention is certainly not to deny or negate the powerful impact that traumatic events have on our lives, my intention is to open a discussion about how to most effectively get out of the place where those wounds continue to influence our thoughts, feelings and actions.

How do move into a place where our perspective is no longer framed by the wounds of our past?

For the past 15-years or more, my journey has led me straight into the mouth of the beast, so to speak. I have not shied away from deep “healing work.” And it has been work: years of profound intuitive/energetic healing, individual and group ritual work with Malidoma SomÄ— and others, Talk Therapy, Emotional Release work. I’ve even done a deeply transformative forgiveness ritual with my biological mother.

My quest for healing has been fueled by the conviction that my treasures, my gifts must be, as Jung has said, hard to attain. Those treasures and gifts must be waiting deep in my shadow. They certainly wouldn’t be waiting for me in my joy.

This poem by David Whyte speaks eloquently to this belief.

The Well of Grief 

Those who will not slip beneath 
   the still surface on the well of grief

Turning downward through its black water
   to the place we cannot breathe

will never know the source from which we drink,
   the secret water, cold and clear,

nor find in the darkness glimmering
   the small round coins
      thrown by those who wished for something else.

David Whyte

Now though, as my understanding and embodiment of the Law of Attraction deepens, I find myself wondering if that belief is true. Do my treasures and gifts wait for me in the shadow? Do I have to dive deep into the pain to uncover them? Or is the treasure that I am seeking, the joy and peace that comes from a willingness to continually choose better feeling thoughts?

As Abraham says, “Nothing is more important than that I be aware of how I feel and that I want to feel good, and that I am willing to reach for a better- feeling thought.” Well turning my attention towards my wound, even in the pursuit of healing, just doesn’t feel that great!  

I do want to feel good. I want more of the peace I feel when I am walking in the woods. I want more of the joy I feel when I play with my daughter. I want more of the sense of purpose and fulfillment and excitement I get when I teach. I want more of the chill-bumps that come when I hear someone speak of their heart’s desire.

Back in College when I first read Joseph Campbell’s admonition to “follow your bliss,” I remember the feeling of recognition – that there was something deeply “right” about that statement. But I never figured out how to put it into practice. Now, the Law of Attraction teachings have given me practical tools for following my bliss.

Now I’m willing to reach for these feelings of joy and bliss and peace and excitement. And one of the most powerful tools for doing this is to focus on those very feelings, and to deliberately choose thoughts and actions in my daily life that bring me into active contact with those feelings. 

In her very first blog entry on the Big Picture, Patricia provides a moving description of what happens when you intentionally engage in activities that create more of the feelings that you desire.

It really does come down to the Art of Allowing. Well-being is truly our natural state. We came into this physical realm as complete, whole, perfect beings. By practicing The Art of Allowing we begin to remember and re-experience that wholeness and return to our natural state of well-being.

When we surrendeer, get out of the way and open to allow our natural well-being to flow through us, not only do we heal ourselves, but we begin to see others in a very different way.

This entry from Karen Alonge at Postcards From Nowhere, provides a wonderful example of how opening to the energy of well-being changes our perceptions not only of ourselves, but also of those around us. 

The last Carnival of Healing was hosted by Intuitive Innovations. The next edition will be hosted by Spiral Visions and will be posted on August 26th. If you are interested in hosting a future edition, please visit the Carnival of Healing home page and Volunteer to host.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. When has your healing been “work?” When have you surrended and allowed well-being to flow back into you? What gets in the way of allowing well-being all the time? Click on the comment button at the top of this post and leave your thoughts.

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      6. W Longacre on February 14th, 2008 2:12 pm

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