Head-in-the-sand blogging

I just read a short post over at Suzanne Falter-Barnes’ Get Known Now blog, about the difference between fresh vs. canned blog posting. What’s the difference, you ask? For her, canned blogging means going to a cafe and writing up a bunch of entries and scheduling them to post over the next few days. With canned blogging it’s like your in the Blogosphere but not of it. You’re sort of watching from the shore of the lake while everyone else is splashing around having a grand old time. Every once in a while you send a note in to someone you know. With Fresh blogging you jump right into that lake! You get become part of the blogosphere. You read entries from other blogs and those entries catalyze thoughts that immediately get turned into entries on your own site. You become part of the community that is creating and expanding this incredibly new and exciting landscape.

For me, this post is an example of Fresh blogging. Suzanne’s post inspired me to come right on over here and get a taste of Fresh!

When I repost my ezine articles they’re canned.

Now, I’m not suggesting that canned posts are bad. They’re just, well, canned. While they may be more polished and edited and proofed, they lack the spontaneity and intimacy that comes from an immediate, off-the-top-of-your-head post like this one.

So I’m going to follow Suzanne’s lead and set an intention to jump into the blogosphere with both feet. Each day I’m going to spend some time reading some of the posts out there and seeing what interesting tidbits they trigger for me.

I’ll be interested to see how it changes the tone of this blog and how it impacts the number of folks that come by to see what’s happening over here at Evolving Times.

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