Carnival of Healing #52 – A Time of Balance

Welcome to the September edition of the Carnival of Healing.

I’m not much of a believer in “coincidence,” so when I realized that this edition falls on the Autumnal Equinox and during Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) I sensed that there might be some symbolic knowledge for you and me.

While I no longer practice Judaism, I was raised in a reform Jewish family, and one of the few holidays that we always observed was the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah, which began last night at sundown and ends at tomorrow’s sunset, is a time to begin introspection, a time to look back at the missteps of the past year and to consciously begin charting our course for the new year. It is a time to honor our ability to dream, envision the direction of our life. In Law of Attraction terms, it is a time to deliberately intend and pre-pave our life in the coming year. One ritual act associated with this holiday is eating apples dipped in honey, a symbol of our wish for a sweet new year. What a wonderful reminder and what a lovely intention.

It is no coincidence either that this powerful Jewish holiday occurs near, and this year, on the Autumnal Equinox which occurred at 12:05am EDT this morning. This first day of autumn is a day of balance. Light and darkness are equal and we sense ourselves being drawn into the dark time of the year. We are also at the peak of the harvest. My backyard garden is overflowing with tomatoes and squash and beans. It is a time of gratitude for all that we have grown during the past year. And a time to acknowledge and accept the areas of our life that we have left untended and set our intention to be more mindful and nurturing of those parts of ourselves.

The entries for this edition tie in beautifully to this time of year. They provide us with insightful ways to deepen our self-awareness, as well as practical reminders of how to nurture our dreams as well as our bodies.

Let’s begin over at Stellar Self, where Mary Guarino, PhD., recently discovered a Farmer’s Market at the height of the harvest and writes, “It was a total feast for the eyes, with a whole rainbow of colors in the form of a wide array of fruit and vegetable varieties.” She goes on to remind us that there is no better way to nurture ourselves than to eat fresh, locally grown produce.

Over at the Glittering Muse, David Garnet has written a wonderful, honest exploration of how a physical condition, when approached with awareness, can lead to a profound understanding of a deeper issue. He writes, “Just knowing or thinking about these things helps me begin to heal.” This time of year is perfect for exploring our inner world.

Patricia, at A Better You, has an inspirational and practical entry on visioning your future. Dream Your Dreams to Achieve Greatness and Inspire the World. She starts by reminding us that, “It is not selfish to dream, nor unproductive to envision, for all innovation begins with inviting imagination.”

Over at Live Consciously, Ben Spencer gives a glimpse of Clean Language and shows us how the metaphors we use in our language such as: I’m up against a wall. I’m lost in the dark. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m wasted can have a profound impact on our lives.

Interestingly, there were two submissions on sleep disorders. At this time of year, as the sun sets earlier, getting enough good sleep becomes even more important. If you ever have trouble sleeping, check out these articles for some good information.

First, All Tips and Tricks has this entry on How you can tell if your have a sleep disorder.

And then check out this practical article on treating insomnia over at the To Better Health blog,

Over at the Healthy Nut, there’s another inspiring story about the author’s personal triumph over type 2 diabetes.

And finally, Joanne Hay has a very informative entry on raw milk and why it’s so healthy for you.

And while you’re over at Joanne’s blog be sure to check out her entry on the Nourishing Meme. I responded to it here, and Phylameana, the organizer of the Carnival of Healing responded to it here,

If you liked this edition, be sure to check out the Carnival of Healing homepage which has links to all of the editions.

The next edition will be hosted at Live Consciously.

I hope you enjoyed this round up of healing blog entries. And I hope you find some time today, or in the next few days, to honor all that you have accomplished this year and begin dreaming your grand new dreams for the coming months.

And may these next months and beyond be filled with the crispness of fresh fall apples dipped in the sweetness of honey.

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      5 Responses to “Carnival of Healing #52 – A Time of Balance”

      1. David Thomas on September 23rd, 2006 12:48 pm

        Thank you for the thoughtful introduction to this carnival. I will dip an apple in honey and ponder my path and intentions as I savor the sweetness of life.


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      5. Spiral Visions Blog on July 7th, 2007 10:35 pm

        Carnival of Healing #52: A Time of Balance…

        The 52nd edition of The Carnival of Healing has been posted at Evolving Times. Edward Miller says “The entries for this edition tie in beautifully to this time of year. They provide us with insightful ways to deepen our self-awareness,……

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