Center Your Head, Awaken Your Guidance

A chiropractor once explained to me why I should keep my head back. My head, like most human heads, weighs about as much as a bowling ball – around 10-pounds. If you’re like most people, your head tends to be forward, putting a lot of stress on the muscles in the back of the neck.

When aligned correctly, the head sits directly above the shoulders, thus reducing the amount of effort the neck muscles have to exert, dramatically reducing the tension in that part of the body.

If you want a dramatic demonstration of this, take a 10-pound weight and hold it out in front of you for as long as you can. Then, when your arm has reached exhaustion, lift your arm straight up so that the weight is pushing down directly through your shoulder. How long can you hold it in that position, even though your arm is already exhauster?

Historically I have held much of my tension in the back of my neck so this information was a great benefit to me. Whenever I notice stress in my neck I pull my head back until it is aligned directly over my shoulders. I notice an immediate reduction in the tension in my neck as well as an overall relaxation in my entire body.

Go ahead and try it. Take a moment and pull your head back. It may feel a bit awkward at first. Most of us are used to carrying around that bowling ball using muscular support so when we discover the ease with which we can carry our head when it is correctly aligned with the rest of our body, it feels unnatural. But when you find the “sweet spot,” the place where your head just rests in perfect alignment above your shoulders, you should feel a significant reduction in your tension level.

This awareness is particularly important to those of us who, like myself, spend significant time engaged in forward focused activities such as computer work, driving, or anything where the head tends to come forward. Now, when I drive, I periodically lay my head back against the headrest to give my neck a well deserved break. When I sit at my computer desk, I periodically check to see that my head is back.

This one piece of advice has saved my hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in chiropractor bills over the last few years.

And there’s another, even more valuable benefit. From an intuitive perspective, this awareness helps to re-center our perception and open us to our internal guidance. What do I mean by that?

As members of this modern, visually oriented society we tend to be forward focused. Our attention is most often on what we can see in front of us, what we have to do, what projects we are working on, etc. That forward focused attention tends to cause us to perceive the world around us from the frontal area of our head, a very intellectual, analytical, results oriented perspective.

When our perceptual position is frontal, we tend to be so focused on getting things done that we miss out on guidance that might make the doing much easier.

When we pull our physical head back it serves as a subconscious reminder to also pull our inner, perceptual position back to the center of our head. When our point of perception is located more centrally in our head, it opens our perception the world all around us, not just what is in front of us. We take our blinders off and open up our ability to receive information and guidance from all around us. From that center of the head location we become more fully awake to guidance from our larger Source-connected essence.

I guess there is some merit in the old military command, “head back, shoulders straight.” And if you can remember to check in throughout the day and pull your head back, I think you will find that your neck will feel much better, and you will begin to notice a natural connection with your inner wisdom as your point of perception becomes more comfortable in the center of your head.

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