Fatigue and Your Point of Attraction

I apologize in advance for the somewhat scattered flow of this post. This post is about how fatigue influences our work with the Law of Attraction. And, at this moment, I’m in a position to very effectively explore that phenomenon. Here’s why.

Saturday evening, at around 7:30, I received a message that one of my favorite Uncles had passed away. I booked a last minute flight, caught an 11:30 red-eye out of San Francisco, had breakfast in the Philadelphia airport and arrived in Boston at 11:00 am Sunday morning.

That night, we had dinner at my Aunt’s house. While talking with the Rabbi who was leading the memorial service, it was decided that I would give the Eulogy. I stayed up until 2:00 am researching and writing it and woke up at 6:30 to finish it. After the funeral, I spent the entire afternoon and evening at my Aunt’s house, talking, cleaning, listening. I got a ride back to my parent’s house at 10:30 and was asleep by 11:00. Tuesday morning, I was up at 7:00 for a breakfast visit with my sister and her kids, then over to my Aunt’s house for a last visit before heading to the airport for a 4:30 flight that was scheduled to land in SF at 9:30.

Then the real fun started. “Any San Francisco passengers in the boarding area please come to the gate.” You know that’s never a good sign. Turns out the flights into Philly were going to be at least 2-hours late because of weather delays. I would miss my connection. So they booked me on a flight leaving at 8:30 and scheduled to land at 1:30am. Not great, but not horrible. Unfortunately, when the baggage carousel stopped spinning, I was short one bag. So, along with about 20 other re-routed passengers, I waited in line and filed my delayed bag claim.

To make a long story, into one of medium length, I arrived at my house at 4:30 am this morning. I got to sleep by about 5:00. Then at 6:30, my daughter woke up and, since she was all excited to see me, refused to go back to sleep.

So why am I telling you this? Mostly just to get you to commiserate with me. No, no, just kidding.

I’m telling you this story because I’ve come to realize just how critical sleep is in our Law of Attraction work. As you can imagine, I am quite exhausted today. If I was my coach, I would tell myself to go home and go to bed. But I’m not my coach, and I haven’t spoken with my coach today, so here I am in the office, getting a few things done and working with a couple of clients who were booked before I knew I would be flying to Boston.

I rarely experience this level of exhaustion. I enjoy sleeping far too much to attain this level of depletion on a regular basis! Now that I am here, in this place of fatigue, I have the opportunity to explore the effects of fatigue on my Law of Attraction work. I’m finding that the impact is huge.

It is incredibly difficult to stay positively focused. My tolerance for external irritants is almost non-existent, and, as yesterday’s travel fiasco attests, I am obviously attracting from a fairly negative resonance.

It makes complete sense. Most of us have lived most of our lives, and attracted our experiences from a fairly negative, default vibrational setting. While we are getting ourselves out of that default space, or set point, maintaining a positive point of attraction takes quite a bit of energy.

In my current state of exhaustion, my energy supplies are extremely limited and the energy that I do have is mostly being used to fuel my basic needs.

Now here’s one last point before I go home to sleep: A small minority of us gets into this level of exhaustion on a regular basis. However, many, if not most of us run a low-level energy deficit on a daily basis. We don’t get enough sleep. We run around all day, doing, doing, doing. We constantly push and stress our physical bodies, not providing them with enough down time to restore and replenish their energy stores.

This low-level fatigue that affects most of us, impacts our ability to move up the emotional scale. Because we don’t take the time, intentionally, to restore our bodies, we limit our ability to move up and sustain ourselves at higher levels of the emotional scale.

The bottom line: Give yourself a break. Get an extra hour of sleep tonight. Take a meditation break at lunch. Do whatever you can to provide your body, mind and spirit, your true Self – with the energy it requires to move you steadily up the emotional scale and into a positive point of attraction.

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      One Response to “Fatigue and Your Point of Attraction”

      1. Vickie on September 11th, 2006 6:45 pm

        Thanks for the reminder! I wanted to sit down and read through my RSS feeds but knew I should be heading to bed. I need to attract more time into my day to do the things I want to do in addition to the family / work responsibilities 🙂

        Off to bed now and will read in the morning over a cup of tea!

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