My Birthday Gift to You

It’s my birthday today and I’m feeling great so I decided to give you a gift. On Friday, my wife, Melissa, took me up to Harbin Hot Springs for a quick overnight birthday getaway. It was a wonderful break; physically, emotionally and spiritually replenishing. I really do feel great and I want to share some of this good feeling with you.

The break got me out of my regular routine and gave me the opportunity to gain a bit of perspective about all the great things I’ve got going on in my life. I came back recharged and ready to jump back into my various projects.

The break had an especially profound impact on my attitude towards the six-week Internet Marketing for Deliberate Creators course beginning September 27th at New College. I’ve been a bit unsure about my level of motivation for this course. Up until now that is.

The perspective from that one day away helped me see just how powerful the information in this course really is. By combining the foundational concepts neccessary to understand Internet marketing with Law of Attraction techniques, the Internet becomes a wonderful playground and laboratory for exploring the Law of Attraction and attracting true abundance into your life.

And because I am now completely thrilled about this course, my birthday gift to you is a truly crazy one-day-only discount on the tuition.

So here is my gift to you.

First, I recognize that many of you on this list don’t live here in the North Bay, so for those of you who can’t attend this New College course in person, for today only, my birthday, I am lowering the price of the distance learning option from $199 to $99. Yup, for today only you can save $100 and get all of the same information as those attending in person via the class recordings, resource binder and online learning environment.

And there’s more: If you are one of the first 6 people to register using this special discount link, you will pay just $49 for this 6-week course!

Am I crazy for offering this course at this price? Just maybe!

Now, for those of you who are able to attend in person on Wednesday evenings, I’ve got a special birthday gift for you too! Here it is. Remember, the regular price for this course is $349. The early bird price which ended on Friday was $299.

For today only, you’ll pay just $199 for this course as my gift to you.

And yes, there is an even sweeter gift for the first 6 of you that register today. Use this special gift link and, if you’re one of the first six to register you’ll pay just $99 for this six-week course.

Yes, I may have gone a bit batty. Perhaps I spent a bit too much time in the hot pool at Harbin! But I feel great and I want to spread this feeling around. And I think that helping some of you get into this course so that you can jump-start your Internet Marketing efforts could be a way to do just that.

Again, here are those special discount links:

To pay $99 for the distance learning option (normally $199) or $49 if you’re one of the first six to register use this link:

To pay $199 and attend the course in person (normally $349) or $99 if you’re one of the first six people to register, use this link:

If you are one of the first 6 to register the extra discount will show up on the registration page, it will not appear on the initial shopping cart page.

Also note that you must use these special links to receive the birthday discount.

Remember the truly crazy birthday gifts are available only to the first 6 people who register for each option. The not-quite-so-crazy birthday gifts are available today – 9/18- only.

I sure do hope that you’ll take advantage of my birthday gift to you and join me for the Internet Marketing forDeliberate Creators course beginning September 27th at New College.

Happy birthday!


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