Post Carbon Visions for Deliberate Creators

I’m not into all the gloom and doom that surrounds much of the current conversation about our environmental, economic and political future. I especially try to avoid getting caught up in all of the gloomy predictions about what is going to happen when the oil runs out.

I was, therefore, pleasantly surprised when I began reading the September issue of Scientific American. It presents one of the most balanced explorations of our possible energy future that I have seen.

Sure, there is a certain amount of “reality” in their discussion of what the possible outcomes could be if we do not change course pretty quickly.

But they also present clear, specific and, frankly, very achievable alternatives with examples of existing technologies that are already in use and experimental technologies that are close to viability.

And for the deliberate creators out there, the article, Plan B for Energy (note: you’ll have to pay to read the entire article online) provides a list of about 10 technologies that have the potential to dramatically reduce our dependence on carbon-based sources of energy. And, the discussion of each technology is accompanied by beautifully drawn illustrations. These illustrations can help to fuel the visions that we, as deliberate creators, want to hold for our collective future.

So if you’re interested in contributing to the deliberate, positive future for this world, go pick up a copy of the September Scientific American and let some of the positive stories and brilliant illustrations help you get into a positive feeling place about our future.

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