Using The Book of Positive Aspects

My wife left last night to spend what is most likely going to be her last week with her father. It’s been interesting for me to watch the massive difference in my overall energy level between last week and this week.Last week my energy was way up. I was feeling great about the writing I was doing for this blog, the curriculum I was developing for my courses, and the extra time I was getting to do all of that by getting up at 5:00 am.

Today I am feeling heavy, scattered, unfocused, tired, and physically fatigued – as if I recently had a strenuous workout.

What happened? Why the big shift?

Here’s my take on it. I’m going to first give you the non-deliberate creator perspective. Then I’ll go back and explore how I am reframing it to, hopefully, shift my energy level.

First, with Melissa gone, this next week has the potential to be very full. In addition to my projects, there is the added responsibility of being taking care of Ella alone. This includes getting up with her each morning, getting her fed, dressed, lunch packed, and off to pre-school. It includes arranging childcare for two early morning meetings – 6:00 am – and at least one evening. It involves bringing Ella to a music class, a meeting with a possible new school, and a physical therapist appointment. It also includes spending the entire weekend with Ella, or calling around to find people to watch her. It also means that the early morning time I have been so enjoying since I started waking up at 5:00 may get put on hold if I have to stay in bed to ensure that Ella doesn’t wake up too early.

The second piece in this involves an old belief system I inherited from a long line of patriarchal families that tells me that the “father does not take care of the children.” Well being a single dad for a week flies directly in the face of that belief system and definitely triggers old emotional issues around parental roles and responsibilities.

So that’s a quick exploration of the thoughts and beliefs that are contributing to this lowered energy. Now lets explore them a bit and look for the possible alternative beliefs.

Did you hear the victim tone in the description of what I believe could happen this week? Certainly it all is potentially true. But it’s true because I make it true. And how do I make it true? By focusing on it, by believing it. When I allow myself to get caught up in the feelings of “what if this happens,” I almost guarantee that it will happen.

This is another example, with a slightly different twist on the Being Right or Feeling Good theme I explored a few days ago.

From a Law of Attraction perspective, I know that I have the power to determine how this week unfolds. I certainly have the power to determine how I respond to whatever unfolding occurs. By focusing on all of the things that could be “negative” all I do is give them more fuel to manifest in reality.

The trick – though it’s no trick, but actually a very powerful tool – is to get clear about all the positive things that I would like to see happen this week. In the Book, Ask and It Is Given, this technique is called The Book of Positive Aspects. It’s a tool to shift your perspective from what you see in front of you that you don’t want, to all the positive things you can imagine, things that you do want.

Here’s an example of a page from a Book of Positive Aspects about my upcoming week.

At the top of the page I write: The upcoming week – 9/20 – 9/26.

Then I begin to list all of the potential, positive, good feeling things about this week. Everything I can think of. These include:

  • I get to spend time alone with Ella.
  • Richard Thompson is playing at the Celtic Festival on Friday night and I can go see him.
  • Ella and I can go out to the beach or take a long hike this weekend.
  • I get to go with Ella to Music Together on Friday.
  • I’m really excited about the response to my special birthday offer for the Internet Marketing for Deliberate Creators course, and now I get to put the finishing touches on the curriculum for the first class next Wednesday.
  • It’s been so easy finding people who are thrilled to spend some extra time with Ella so that I can have some free time.
  • I love the perfect balance in my business this week between time spent with private clients and time spent writing and working on other projects.
  • The weather is spectacular!
  • I’ve gotten some great birthday gifts this week, and I’ve heard that there are more to come!
  • I love that I’ve created a work life where I have the flexibility and freedom to give Melissa the opportunity to go see her father.

That’s a sample of some of the things that in my Book of Positive Aspects about this week. As I write them, I feel my energy shifting. I sense the lightness, the excitement, the joy from last week returning.

Reality is always subjective. And we create our reality based on the subjects upon which we are focused. Focus on what feels good and you get more of that. Focus on what feels not quite so good and you get more of that. Focus on what feels pretty crappy and guess what…you get a whole bunch more crap in your life!

So my intention for this week, is to spend time every day focusing on my Book of Positive Aspects. By remembering all the wonderful things that are possible this week, I open the doorway to the creation of those positive things in “reality.”

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