Tomorrow is the Big Day: Blog Stats Check For October

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Well it’s been touch and go, but I beat my addiction and have not checked my blog stats since I posted the Set Your Intentions But Don’t Keep Score post on October 17th. I have no idea how the blog is doing in aligning with my intention to double the number of unique visitors each month.

To recap, I set the intention to double the unique visitors each month until hitting one-million unique visitors. I did not hit the doubling mark in September. Unique visitors went from 1017 in August to around 1450 in Septembet. Almost a 50% increase but not the 100% increase I’m looking for.

Tomorrow I’m looking to double that 1450 with at least 2900 unique visitors for October. We’ll see what happens.

We Are All One – The Taste of Connection

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My friend, Duane, has a license plate that says “WRALL1.” It’s one of my favorite plates. Whenever I see it, it reminds me of what I know to be true, but sometimes forget.

I’m sure you’ve heard stories of people who have experienced this connection when a loved one has died. Even if they were disconnected by a great distance, they “knew” that someone close to them had died.

I’ve heard many such stories, but have never personally experienced it, until last month when my uncle passed away.

It was the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Since it was the first Saturday of the month I hosted the monthly drop in Law of Attraction group. I was showing the movie, The Secret, and had a surprisingly large turnout (25-people) considering it was the holiday weekend.

The morning was great. The discussion after the movie was deep and intimate and incredibly uplifting. I was vibrating at a wonderfully high frequency after the meeting.

I didn’t have to rush home for family time, so after cleaning up my office, my friend Mike and I went out to brunch. Coincidentally, or not, Melissa and Ella were in North Carolina visiting with Melissa’s dad who was losing his battle with cancer.

Mike and I had a great debriefing session about the morning. And then, as I was taking the last few bites of my pancake, I began feeling extremely lethargic. It was quite a noticeable shift from the powerful, high-energy state I had been experiencing moments earlier: Too big a shift to ignore.

I didn’t ignore it, exactly, but I did attempt to minimize it by saying to Mike, “I must have eaten too much of that pancake, because I just had a major crash. I think I’m going to go home and take a nap.”

I had planned to go home and pack for an overnight trip to a rustic retreat center with some friends. But instead of packing, I really did need to lie down. I told myself I would just rest for a “few minutes.” That few minutes turned into about two hours. I couldn’t get myself out of bed. I kept waking up and trying to force myself up, but I literally felt like my body was filled with lead. I kept dropping back into a deep trance or sleep.

Finally, I really did force myself up. Still feeling heavy and tired, I accepted that, for whatever reason, I was not supposed to go on this overnight. Something was up. I didn’t know what but with a feeling this strong I wasn’t going to push it. Maybe there was going to be an earthquake and I’d be safer staying home. Whatever the reason, I was clearly being given the message not to go.

What I needed, I decided, was some fresh air to help me get clear. So I went to a beautiful loop trail a few minutes from our house and started walking.

The heaviness would not go away. Even in the magical redwood grove where I always feel light and clear, my feet were dragging. As I approached the bench at the midway point of the loop I thought, “I think I’ll run. That will shake off this heaviness.” Wrong! I could barely make it up that last quarter mile. I pushed myself, but whatever I was doing certainly could not be called running!

It was not until I got home that I discovered what was happening. My mother had left several messages, none of which I had checked. My uncle had passed away earlier in the day, just at the time that I was taking the last few bites of my pancake.

If I had gone to the retreat center without checking those messages, I would not have been back until Monday evening. The funeral was on Sunday. I would have missed it and missed the opportunity to be back east with my family.

Remember the scene in the original Star Wars movie when Obi Wan Kenobi stumbles and has to sit down after feeling the disruption in the Force when the Death Star destroys a planet?

We are all one. Some of us are more sensitive to that connection than others. And the vast majority of us are more sensitive to that connection with certain people than others. We’ll feel that connection with our parents, children, and siblings far more powerfully than with strangers or even friends (unless they are very close friends).

But when you feel that connection, it is real and it is powerful. There is no denying it: Even if you want to write it off to eating to much of your pancake! No, once you have felt that connection, there is no going back. It’s like taking the blue pill. Or was it the red pill?

Until the majority of us acknowledge our interconnectedness, our oneness, we will continue to create conflict and violence.

And, when enough of us do get it, get that we really are all one, get it on a deep, visceral, level, then we will be ready to create a world where everyone and everything is respected and peace is our normal experience.

Who Is The Secret?


If you haven’t seen the Secret movie yet, it’s well worth your time. You can download it or order the DVD. I recommend the second option since you will want to watch it more than once!

But who are all those folks in The Secret? Who are the men and women who are living examples of and master teachers of the Law of Attraction? I knew many of them when I saw the movie. But I wanted to know them all. So I did some research and found out who they all are.

Here they are, in no particular order, complete with links (when available) the men and women of The Secret.

There’s enough information in these sites to keep you busy for a while! Enjoy.

Esther Hicks:
Bob Proctor:
John Assaraf:
Rev Michael Beckwith:
Dr. John DeMartini:
James Ray:
Bill Harris:
Jack Canfield:
Dr. Joe Vitale:
George Pratt:
Jayne Payne:
Lee Brower:
Dr. John DeMartini:
Marie Diamond:
Mike Dooley:
Bob Doyle:
Hale Dwoskin:
Morris Goodman:
John Gray:
John Hagelin:
Dr. Ben Johnson:
Loral Langemeier:
Lisa Nicols:
Divid Schirmer:
Dr. Denis Waitley:
Fred Alan Wolf:

And do let me know if I left anyone out.

Let’s Amortize Daylight Savings Time

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I’m sure by now you’ve read one of the 10-million blog entries reminding you to turn your clocks back. Remember “fall back, spring forward!”

What I’d like to see, is an amortization of the time change over the course of the year. Look at it this way, a one-hour change (60-minutes) spread out over 6-months works out to 10-minutes per month, or, approximately 2.5-minutes per week which is just about 30-seconds per day.

That daily change would be unnoticeable to all but the most time-sensitive among us.

Let’s face it, this whole time thing, not to mention daylight savings time, is an arbitrary creation. Why not make it a bit less disruptive?

This idea would not have been possible even just five or ten years ago. But now we clearly have the technology available to make it happen. Radio clocks are readily available. You can easily link your computer to time servers that automatically update your pc clock. Cell phones and pdas provide access to standard time servers that could easily reference the “new time.” The telephone time service is available. And official times displayed in public places could easily be converted to radio clocks.

Ok. I’ll admit that implementing this change could present a problem for all those atomic clocks out there. You see, according to Wikipedia:

“Since 1967, the International System of Units has defined the second as 9,192,631,770 cycles of the radiation which
corresponds to the transition between two energy levels of the ground
state of the Caesium-133 atom.” 

You got that?

Me neither. But what I think it means is that in order to amortize or spread out the existing time change over 6-months, the International System of Units would have to come up with two elements, one with a transition cycle slightly slower than that of Caesium-133 and one slightly faster: the first to bring us down to what is now the “fall back” transition and the other one to bring us up to what is now the “spring forward” transition.

Hey, just a thought.


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How Will You Spend Your Dash?

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Well Steve Johnson, at the Fast Lane, has again turned me on to a great link. It’s a quick little movie that is well worth the three minutes it takes to watch. Go check out The Dash.

My Daughter, My Abundance Teacher

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Last Sunday, we “officially” celebrated my daughter’s third birthday. With all the traveling and craziness this month – her actual birthday was on the day of my father-in-law’s funeral – there was no time to have a party with her friends. So we rented a picnic area in a nearby park, played games, sang songs, painted faces and celbrated Ella’s third year.

She got some great presents, but on of her favorites was a package of personalized stickers. There were butterflies and rainbows, balloons and animals, each with a little “Ella” printed on it. That night, when it was time to go upstairs for bed, she grabbed the stickers and brought them up with her. During our reading time, she was more interested in putting stickers on the books than reading.

As I watched her peeling and sticking those stickers with abandon, I found myself encouraging her to slow down, to save them, to not use them all up at once. “Don’t you want to put the stickers away now and play with them again tomorrow?” I asked. “More,” was her simple and clear answer.

Clearly, what I was doing was overlaying my conditioning in the world of scarcity onto her natural state of abundance. Ella has absolutely no doubt that when that batch of stickers is gone there will be another to take its place. When she is playing with her stickers there is no concern about lack. She does not entertain thoughts of “what if I run out.” She is playing in the flow of abundance that is our natural state.

When I observe her in that state of abundance, and she is almost always there, it gives me the opportunity to go there as well. When she is in that state of abundance, I have a choice: I can join her or I can resist. If I resist, which is, in many ways, the easier choice, not only do I reinforce my own scarcity conditioning, but I also begin conditioning her in the ways of scarcity thinking. Neither of these outcomes appeals to me.

So my intention is to meet her in the flow of abundance as best I can. And if I can’t go there with her, I will do my best to keep my scarcity conditioning from infringing on her connection to the natural ways of abundance and flow.

A Great Law of Attraction Story

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I just got an email from a student who is in both the 12-week Law of Attraction course and my Internet Marketing for Deliberate Creators course. She wrote:

Hi Ed,

Well, I had set an intention that my newsletter list was going to hit 4,000 this month, and it’s so very appropriate that you are number 4,000!

Thanks for subscribing.


I love that!

I just got a “hit” this afternoon that it was time go see what she was up to over at Go check it out. It’s a great site!

Subscribe to Comments Plugin Added

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I just installed the Subscribe to Comments plugin for WordPress. It seems to be working. Now, when you leave a comment, you can check the box if you would like to be notified of any additional comments on that particular post. You are NOT subscribing to all comments or all posts, only to comments on that post. And you can unsubscribe at any time.

There have been many times that I have commented on a post at another blog and, then, week or months later, discovered that the author or another reader had followed up on my comment.

With the subscription option you don’t have that problem!

Enjoy. And please do let me know if you have any difficulties with the function.

How to Win (or lose) Elections with the Law of Attraction


Soon after our last presidential election, I began writing this article. It seems appropriate to bring it out of the drafts folder now, as we approach the mid-term elections and look forward – with great enthusiasm, I’m sure – to the start of the next presidential election campaign. 

I think it’s about time we voted for senators with breasts. After all, we’ve been voting for boobs long enough.

Clarie Sargent, Arizona senatorial candidate

Mankind will never see an end of trouble until… lovers of wisdom come to hold political power, or the holders of power… become lovers of wisdom.


While a great many of us here in Northern California were disappointed – that’s perhaps a gentle word for the reaction – by the outcome of the last presidential election, I was not surprised when I saw the results early Wednesday morning. As a student of the Law of Attraction, I watched the campaign unfold with a nagging sense of dread.

The clear, if somewhat implicit, motto for the democrats was “Anybody but Bush.” As early as the democratic primary campaign the issue was not who would be the best president, but rather, who could beat Bush.

Nowhere was this implicit “strategy” more evident than in the bumper sticker campaign. Some of the more colorful anti-bush bumper stickers included: “Billionaires for Bush,” “Re-defeat Bush” and “2 terms for Bush: 1 in the white house and 1 behind bars,” and this one I just saw this evening, “From the Whitehouse to the Big House.” Everywhere I looked, on cars, on the Internet, in my email inbox, there were reminders of the presence of president Bush and all the reasons why he needed to be gone.

I suppose the premise of this strategy was that all the negative attention on Bush would easily propel the democratic candidate into the white house. The fatal flaw with that strategy, however, is that the Universe does not distinguish between positive and negative attention. Any attention, positive or negative, is energy. And energy is what runs this Universe.

Energy follows thought. That is one of the basic Laws of the Universe. Even quantum physicists recognize the truth of that statement. They have witnessed their hypotheses about an experiment influence the outcome.

Energy follows thought. So all of the thoughts focused on George Bush during the campaign was energy, period. And the Universe provided us with what we were focused on.

The Universe is very simple. It gives us what we focus upon. The more time and energy we spend focusing on something and the more passion we invest in that focused attention, the faster we get it. The problem is that most of what we focus on is done unconsciously. Or, in the case of the election, many people were consciously focused on what they didn’t want, thinking that would lead to what they did want.

It just doesn’t work that way.

If you wanted someone other than Bush but focused your focused attention on him either through silly bumper stickers or talking about how horrible he is, the Universe got the message. The universe cannot distinguish between wants and don’t wants, likes and dislikes, positive and negative. It only deals with thoughts, feelings, energy and attention.

It’s only us humans that have decided to attach a qualitative judgment to thoughts and energy.

So, how do you remedy the situation? Simple. Focus on what you want.

Granted, in the last election, John Kerry was not exactly a compelling figure to rally around. Regardless, the way to get Bush and Co. out of power is to spend (waste) the least amount of time and energy and thought focused on them.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking about them, engaged in a conversation about them, listening to a news report about them, stop, and immediately replace the thought and the feeling with a positive thought and feeling about the candidate you want.

Focus the majority of your attention on the candidate you want – even if that candidate is not compelling.

If there is truly no one in the campaign that you can support, than focus your attention on the feelings and the vision of a compelling leader. Focus on all the positive qualities you would like to see in your president. Imagine what it would be like to have this country led by a man or woman with those qualities.

Make that vision as real as possible.

Get totally jazzed about your vision of a country led by politicians who are “lovers of wisdom” as Plato said.

When you get together with friends, instead of discussing how pissed off you are about what’s happening now, talk, instead about what is possible. As Neale Donald Walsch wrote in the Conversations with God books, create the Greatest version of the grandest vision you’ve ever dreamed – or have yet to dream.

Have visioning gatherings to co-create a vision of our future that feels great. Feed off of each other. Fuel the energy of the group. Generate positive juice that will lead us to a future of brilliance, a future of peace.

By focusing on that vision and feeling it, and feeding it, the Universe will have no choice: It will have to give us the president that is closest to that vision. And, if we keep focusing on that powerful, positive vision, one step at a time we will attract that positive future into our powerful Now experience.

Unconscious Alarm Clock


Yesterday was my 14th day using the Holosync Program. Beginning today, it is recommended that I listen to the recordings for a full 1-hour. My routine for the past two-weeks has been to get up at 5:00am, meditate, with the first recording, for thirty-minutes and then write for sixty – ninety minutes until my daughter wakes up.

The thought of meditating for one-hour, from 5:00 – 6:00 and leaving only thirty – sixty minutes for writing did not feel good. So last night as I was getting ready to go to bed I began thinking about my options.

Sometime during that thought process, the thought popped into my head, “what if I get up at 4:30? That will give me an hour to meditate and still leave me with plenty of time to write.”

My reasonable mind quickly nixed that idea based on the belief that getting up at 4:30 is completely unreasonable!

But guess what! Apparently my unconscious and unreasonable mind liked the idea. Because this morning at 4:25 I found myself laying in bed wide awake. So rather than push against the river, I went with the flow and came downstairs for an hour of meditation with the Holosync recording.

Which leads me very nicely into…The Holosync Update – Day 15.

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