Holosync Update – Day 15

Today is my fifteenth day using the Holosync Solution and my first, official, day listening to both The Dive and Immersion. I cheated on Sunday and listened to Immersion.

Here’s what’s been happening since the last update.

From Saturday through Monday morning I seemed to hit a bump in the road. I felt a bit scattered. My overall energy level was significantly lower than usual. In fact, on Sunday, after I cheated and listened to both recordings, instead of getting up, I laid down on the coach until my daughter awoke.

I also had an interesting physical symptom during that time: A major lump in my throat and constriction in my solar plexus. Clearly, my 3rd and 5th chakras were activated and asking for some attention.

While the Holosync probably enhanced the experience, I believe the activation came from the curriculum I taught at the Law of Attraction class last Thursday evening. It was all about getting into your heart and begnning to manifest from a place of compassion and universal, unconditional love. I even mentioned during the class that the students should be aware of resistance to this shift that might come up from the other chakras.

I’m pretty sure that’s what was happening with me.

Early Monday morning I went for a nice hike and that seemed to help me snap out of it.

My time in meditation with the Holosync has been interesting. For the past few days I have noticed an increase in the amount of mind chatter during my meditations. However, I have clearly been in a fairly deep trance state – even with the chatter – since every morning I have been surprised by the change in the recording indicating that five-minutes remain.

And every morning I have wanted to continue the meditation beyond the thirty minutes. That is an unusual experience for me. Even when I was meditating on a daily basis, it was a rare occurrence that I would want to meditate for more than thirty-minutes.

My experience this morning, however, was a bit different. The chatter was very noticeable and I found it difficult to enter that deep state of meditation. While the hour did not feel overly long, I was clearly aware of the time passing. I will be interested to see how long it takes for this chattering mind to calm down.

In addition to the morning meditation, I have used one of the bonus recordings, either Making Change Easy, and Super-Longevity, several afternoons. I find that these thirty-minute recordings are much better afternoon pick-me-ups than a cup of chai. These recordings help me drop very quickly and easily into a deeply relaxed state, and I come out of the meditation refreshed and ready to jump back into my work.

Overall, my state of well-being is well above what I would consider my normal state. Even waking up at 5:00am every morning, I feel energized throughout the day and have been going to bed at my usual time, an occasionally staying up quite late. (Late for me is past 11:00pm).

One very noticeable change is the awakening of my creativity. Again, while I believe the Holosync has something to do with this, I believe that my immersion into the blogging world, as well as the content of the classes I am currently teaching are major contributors to this awakening.

I find that my creative mind is working constantly. It has been, literally, impossible to write fast enough to keep up with the ideas that are flowing into my awareness. Most of the time this is a great thing.

However, I am becoming aware of the need to downshift at times. Certainly, before bed I need to make a concerted effort to calm my creative mind. There have been several nights when my mind has been so active, sharing wonderfully creative ideas with me, that it has taken an hour or more to fall asleep. And that is very unusual for me.

I’m going to start giving myself a fifteen – thirty minute meditation or simple wind-down period before bed. And I am definitely going to turn the computer off at least thirty minutes before bed.

Overall I am quite pleased with my Holosync experience thus far. I am curious to see what happens over the next few days with a full 60-minute morning meditation. I will most definitely keep you posted.

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