Law of Attraction Carnival 4

Welcome to the October 10th edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival. Particularly astute readers out there will have noticed that, while this is the October 11th edition of the carnival, it is actually being published on lucky Friday the 13th. Just another example of the art of letting go!There have been lots of great submissions for this edition. Unfortunately, some of the entries, while wonderful, do not have a clear connection to the Law of Attraction. So if you don’t see your entry in this edition, please head on over to the blog carnival site and submit a specific Law of Attraction post for the next edition.

Let’s start this edition with an entry from Patricia at A Better You blog. In her article about how to handle uncertainty, she says: “To enjoy the best life has to offer is to be in the moment. Life has unyielding demands trying desperately to draw our attention away from each moment, and to be happy is to resist distraction from the moment. With determination I compartmentalize my stress and focus on life’s blessings.” Remember that the Law of Attraction is about directing your thoughts and feelings. When you use your determination to direct your thoughts towards positive things, you will attract more positive experiences into your life.

Over at the Holistic Healing page on, Phylameana has posted a thought provoking question from one of her readers who wonders if she can manifest talent and fame by using the Law of Attraction. Check out the entry as well as the comments on this one.

Raymond David Salas at Zenchill provides us with a personal look at the “placemat process” Abraham outlines in the book Ask and It Is Given. As he says, this is the Ultimate Daily Planner. I especially like the personal details he adds that help show us the power of this process.

The Bubble Planner has an interesting article, Words are Containers for What We Believe, and an insightful exercise to help us explore the power of words. As you track the encouraging vs. discouraging words that you see, hear, read and speak, you will begin to get a clear sense of the balance of your vibrational offering. And it is this offering that determines the state of your life.

Bryan Flemming checks in with this update on his Million Dollar Savings Club. If you really want to get into the Feeling Place of having financial abundance, start some piles of money. When you purposefully have extra money around and add to it on a daily basis, you really do set some powerful Attraction forces in motion.

And finally, Hueina Su at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul, has a short but very insightful post about the power of shifting focus from what is outside of you to what you already hold within you. This is such a critical component in the law of Attraction.

That’s it for this edition. Remember that the Law of Attraction is clear: what you focus on expands. Focus on the things that are going wrong in your life and you’ll get more of that. Focus on what you appreciate and enjoy and you’ll get more of that. The choice is yours. You are the Deliberate Creator of your life.

Thanks for coming by and look for the next edition on October, 24th.

If you would like to submit an article for an upcoming edition, please read the submission guidelines on the Law of Attraction Carnival Homepage and then head on over to the blog carnival site to submit your post

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