Law of Attraction Carnival 5 – Emotions

Welcome to the October 24th edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival. The topic of this edition is The Role of Emotions in the Law of Attraction. We’ve got a great group of submissions, some directly related to the topic others a bit more tangentially related. But they’re all great and worth a read!

One of the most powerful aspects of the Law of Attraction is its focus on feelings as a primary mode of experiencing the world. The Law of Attraction teachings often speak of our “emotional guidance system.” The primary point of this is that our emotions provide us with a valuable source of information.

Even the so-called “negative” emotions provide us with powerful guidance: When we are feeling angry or depressed, or frustrated, or overwhelmed, these emotions are clear indicators that we are disconnected from our Source energy. When we are feeling emotions on the lower end of the emotional spectrum, we are, most likely, attracting more unwanted things into our life.

By paying attention to our emotions, we become clear about our point of attraction. In other words, are we attracting from a positive, connected, intentional state, or are we attracting by default, from a negative, resistant state? When we know where our point of attraction is, we can begin to take steps to consciously raise our point of attraction up the emotional scale.

So let’s take a look and see what some other folks have to say about emotions and the Law of Attraction.

Beverly Keaton, over at Embrace Your Gifts and Soar starts us off with an entry on Finding Peace Through Forgiveness. Often, forgiveness can provide a truly effective doorway into more positive emotional content and, therefore, a more positive point of attraction.

Patricia, at A Better You, once again has a great entry on How to Know Who You Are In About 20-Minutes. Her technique is very connected to emotional content. She gives us this insightful example: The other day my 15-month-old baby was walking and fell by our brick fireplace. She split her lip and it was bleeding. I think her tears hurt me more than her, because I rushed to comfort her and tell her it would be okay. As I held her, I reassured her that it would be “all better” soon. Suddenly she jumped up as if everything was fine, and took off running past the fireplace to play. I remember thinking, why can’t we do that in life? Get comfort, take courage, then try again. Over at The Fast Lane, Steve includes a great personal story in his entry The Incredible Power of Failure. What does failure have to do with emotions? What is it that makes us believe that failure is bad? Emotions, feelings, thoughts. Steve’s entry reminds us that failure is a very powerful teaching tool and motivator.

Fear and failure seem to go hand in hand. They are certainly connected. Over at Verve Coaching, Erek Ostrowski has this entry on Facing the Unknown. Erek reminds us of this wonderful quote from Richard Bach, “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly”.

That’s it for this edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival. To few past editions, please visit the Law of Attraction Carnival homepage.

The next carnival will be out on November 14th and the topic will be The Power of Intention. I bet we’ll have some amazing entries on that topic!

If you would like to submit an article please make sure you read the submission guidelines first. You’ll find them on the Law of Attraction Carnival homepage as well.

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      5 Responses to “Law of Attraction Carnival 5 – Emotions”

      1. Steve Johnson on October 24th, 2006 11:48 am

        Ed, thanks for the link!

        I just received notice of a new film. I’m going to write about it on my site, but I’ve been too busy posting comments to others about it!

        It’s a film taken from “Conversations With God”, by Neal Donald Walsch, whom I’m sure you’ve heard of (he was in that fantastic film, “The Secret”).

        It looks like a must-see. You can see the trailer at:

        Thanks again!

      2. Edward Mills on October 24th, 2006 12:57 pm

        Thanks Steve

        I’ll make a quick post about the film so that we can start spreading the word.


      3. Patricia on October 24th, 2006 1:57 pm

        Thanks for the positive commentary on my posts and blog once again! You have done a great job with this carnival!

      4. Mike Shea on October 25th, 2006 6:45 am

        Thanks ED for sharing with us on failure.

        I loved reading his blog on The Incrediable Power of Failure. It reminded me on how many times I have failed in my business but I did not let it stop me. I brushed it off, learned from it, and moved forward. Now, I have a successful business.

        One more memory came up for me is when I learned to water ski on one ski. It took me 12 times but I finally got up and skied for about 30 feet :).

        Great Blog. Thanks again ED

      5. Edward Mills on October 25th, 2006 9:14 am

        Hi Mike
        Thanks for your note and insights from your life. I remember learning to water ski on one ski. I never quite got it! Good for you for sticking with it until you did.
        Take care

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