Mission 1017 – An Interesting Exercise

I just got turned on to this interesting site about a mission from another dimension. Supposedly there’s a strong Ultraviolet beam heading our way from another dimension. Check it out at this Mission 1017 blog.

Now the point is not whether or not you believe this or think it’s a bunch of woo woo nonsense. The point of this entry is to point out the power inherent in the possibility that it could be true.

Imagine for a moment that for the rest of this day and into tomorrow every thought and intention that you have will be magnified 1-million-fold. Would that change the way you go through your day? It certainly has changed it for me.

When I discovered that one of the recording files from a class of mine was corrupted and began getting frustrated I remembered that my thoughts were being magnified 1-million-fold and immediately shifted to a better thought.

My wife asked me to be home early so that we could run some errands before we went to our friend’s birthday dinner. When I arrived at five and found that she was not here, I began to get frustrated and upset. I quickly caught myself and shifted my thoughts. What if that frustration really was being amplified 1-million-fold? I don’t want that.

Again, whether or not you consider this Mission 1017 to be real or a bunch of baloney is irrelevant. What is relevant is how you go through your day. What thoughts do you have on a regular basis?

Spend a day, any day, or just an hour, considering the possibility that every thought you have will be magnified 1-million-fold. And watch how that awareness serves to transform your thoughts.

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