My Daughter, My Abundance Teacher

Last Sunday, we “officially” celebrated my daughter’s third birthday. With all the traveling and craziness this month – her actual birthday was on the day of my father-in-law’s funeral – there was no time to have a party with her friends. So we rented a picnic area in a nearby park, played games, sang songs, painted faces and celbrated Ella’s third year.

She got some great presents, but on of her favorites was a package of personalized stickers. There were butterflies and rainbows, balloons and animals, each with a little “Ella” printed on it. That night, when it was time to go upstairs for bed, she grabbed the stickers and brought them up with her. During our reading time, she was more interested in putting stickers on the books than reading.

As I watched her peeling and sticking those stickers with abandon, I found myself encouraging her to slow down, to save them, to not use them all up at once. “Don’t you want to put the stickers away now and play with them again tomorrow?” I asked. “More,” was her simple and clear answer.

Clearly, what I was doing was overlaying my conditioning in the world of scarcity onto her natural state of abundance. Ella has absolutely no doubt that when that batch of stickers is gone there will be another to take its place. When she is playing with her stickers there is no concern about lack. She does not entertain thoughts of “what if I run out.” She is playing in the flow of abundance that is our natural state.

When I observe her in that state of abundance, and she is almost always there, it gives me the opportunity to go there as well. When she is in that state of abundance, I have a choice: I can join her or I can resist. If I resist, which is, in many ways, the easier choice, not only do I reinforce my own scarcity conditioning, but I also begin conditioning her in the ways of scarcity thinking. Neither of these outcomes appeals to me.

So my intention is to meet her in the flow of abundance as best I can. And if I can’t go there with her, I will do my best to keep my scarcity conditioning from infringing on her connection to the natural ways of abundance and flow.

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