Set Your Intention But Don’t Keep Score

Beginning in September, I set the intention of doubling the unique visitors to the Evolving Times blog each month until reaching 1-million visitors per month. The end goal is 1-million visitors, but I recognized that I could not, at this point, effectively envision 1-million visitors coming to this site. That number is just beyond my capacity to imagine and Feel. So I needed to begin with numbers that I could envision, feel, and therefore, attract.

As we know from the Law of Attraction, intention is very powerful. But, when setting intentions there is a risk of getting caught up in the manifestation of that intention, of focusing on the end result.

When I set the intention of doubling the number of unique visitors I got very excited about the process. And I wielded that excitement like the proverbial double-edged sword. The enthusiasm fueled a flurry of writing and a corresponding flurry of visitors. I got a taste of the power of intention as I watched my visitor numbers go up.

But that excitement caused the other edge of that sword to come into play. I became so excited about the process and the goal itself, that I began checking my web stats everyday, sometimes several times a day. I became obsessed with how many visitors were coming through this site. It also became an obsession to “figure out” if I was on track. Was I going to make it to 2000 visitors in September? How many visitors per day would I need to reach my goal?

Halfway through the month I was right on track, in fact I was a bit over the halfway mark of 1000 visitors. Right up through September 23th I remained on target. And then, sometime on the 24th, my host service went down and my site went dark.

When I went to check my stats Sunday morning and saw that error page, I was frantic. “How long has the site been down?” “How many visitors have come and gone, never to return?” “Does this mean I won’t make it to 2000 visitors.” I logged onto the Hostgator forum, started a live chat, called in to the support number. I needed the site to be up. Every minute that it was down could be the difference between manifesting my intention or not.

As you can imagine, with the type of vibrational content I was offering, there was no way my site was coming back up anytime soon. And it didn’t. The site stayed offline for more than 48-hours. It was not until I stopped and realized what I was doing, took a deep breath and let go of the end result that the site came back up.

And then I got it. The Universe doesn’t like having me look over its shoulder. Lets face it, not too many of us enjoy having someone breathing down our neck while were working on a project. I certainly dont. I want the space to do my job without constant input and “helpful advice.” Sure there are times when I get stuck and ask for constructive feedback. But the rest of the time I enjoy having the space to come up with my own creative solutions to problems and projects. So does the Universe.

The Law of Attraction tells me that it is not my job to figure out how to manifest intentions. Nor is it my job to keep track of how the Universe is doing. My job is to set my intention and then get out of the way while the Universe makes it happen.

Certainly I have to listen for and act upon the guidance I get from the Universe. But I can do that without getting in the way.

Look at it this way: If I set an intention for 2000 visitors in September, and then check my web stats everyday, what am I saying to the Universe? You got it: Im saying, “I dont trust that you can make this happen.” By checking those stats everyday, Im expressing my lack of faith in the Universe and, by extension, myself.

So my new intention is to set my intention and not keep score. For the rest of October, I will check my stats on a weekly basis, at most. That should give the Universe a bit more room to work its magic without interference from me.

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    5 Responses to “Set Your Intention But Don’t Keep Score”

    1. Evolving Times » The Art of Letting Go on October 17th, 2006 1:23 pm

      […] One of the most wonderful developments I have noticed with the increased posting frequency, is how much I am enjoying this writing… I got caught up in the numbers game watching the hours tick with my site still down. (Watch for a post in the next few days entitled Set Your Intention but Don’t Keep Score, for a more specific look at this topic). […]

    2. Steve Johnson on October 21st, 2006 9:59 am


      I think you pegged it in your second-to-last paragraph: ‘You got it: I’m saying, “I don’t trust that you can make this happen.” ‘

      I think part of the key to this is your intention of doubling traffic every month. If you see nothing happening in the first 27 days of the month, you begin to offer mistrust, unbelief. Then the event that would have caused your intention to manifest doesn’t happen.

      I’ve learned a valuable lesson from your article; something that I really did know but haven’t practiced as well as I should: set your intention, then let it go. The act of checking on its progress offers unbelief, whether you intend it to or not, if you don’t see happening what you think should be happening. You notice the lack of manifestation and that is what ends up manifesting.

    3. Edward Mills on October 21st, 2006 10:25 am

      Hi Steve

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, for me also, the key is holding onto faith in the face of a “reality” that wants to lead me in a different direction. It’s no so much that “keeping score,” i.e. checking my stats everyday, is the problem, it’s rather my reaction to the score, when it is not favorable. But I do think that until I am able to maintain my positive focus, regardless of the “facts,” checking my stats on a weekly or even monthly basis, helps me maintain a positive focus.

      Since writing this article I have not checked my stats. Letting go of the score-keeping has actually been easy than I thought it would be. But, in letting go, I feel much more grounded into the purpose, passion and joy of writing this blog. It feels good.
      Take care


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