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Lately, I’m interested in the role of technology in the process of personal evolution. I’m convinced there are specific technologies available that can assist and accelerate our personal growth. To that end I’ve been researching various technologies to determine which I would like to start exploring. (There are many out there!)

The technology that I have chosen to begin my exploration is the Holosync system by Centerpointe Research Institute.  (Note that I am using affiliate links in this article but not yet giving a recommendation. I will provide regular updates on my experience with the product. And when I have enough data to provide a recommendation [or not] I will do so. Until then, if you feel that this article intrigues you and would like to investigate the Holosync Technology and make a decision on your own, I would be happy to have you use my affiliate link. I highly recommend you get their introductory package before purchasing the first level. This includes a CD with a demo of the Holosync technology. This demo convinced me that this technology has powerful potential. If you are uncomfortable using the affiliate link when I am not yet recommending the product, please use this direct, non-affiliate link:

The Holosync system uses proprietary audio technology to help you quickly reach specific, deep states of meditation including alpha, theta and delta states. I won’t go into the details here since there is a plethora of information, including the results of several studies available at the Centerpointe website.

In my first 5-days of using the system I can safely say that the Holosync recordings absolutely do facilitate your descent into deep meditation. I’m going to share a bit about my experience during these first five days, but first I want to quickly share my wife’s experience during her first session with The Dive.

Last night she listened to the intro CD and told me she was interested in the program. Today, she called me at the office to thank me for getting these recordings. Apparently, she had one of the most profound meditation experiences in her life. She was in tears as she spoke about how the meditation had helped her “click in.” Everything seemed to fall into place. Now, keep in mind that her father passed away less than two-weeks ago and, since then, she has been feeling like her life was turned upside down. Every aspect of her life was on the table for re-evaluation. So she was in a very open space. The Holosync meditation seems to have provided her with a way of tapping into and organizing new levels of awareness and understanding that have been coming together since her father’s passing.

My experience with the Holosync, while not quite opposite, has certainly been quite different. Centerpointe presents clear disclaimers and warnings that this technology has the potential to create significant changes that can lead to discomfort. This is true of any personal growth system whether it is technological or not.

These first days of using Holosync has convinced me that the technology works. While I was a regular meditator for several years, my practice has definitely been on and off since the birth of my daughter three years ago. But during two of these first five days I have experienced a deep meditative state equal to the most tranquil states I achieved during many years of regular meditation. During the other three days, my experience, while not as deep, was still profoundly peaceful with minimal mind chatter and mental distraction.

However, my experience outside of meditation has borne out the truth of Centerpointe’s disclaimer. While I would not call it discomfort, I have found myself in a fairly low resonance. I feel lethargic, heavy, unfocused.

However, I believe this is actually a positive development. Let me explain.

I sense that this technology is helping me descend to my baseline point (compare this to the concept of “set points” in Law of Attraction teachings) on the emotional scale, the point to which I drop when I reach my current emotional/vibrational trigger point.

Now why is that positive? Because I sense that some of the personal growth techniques I have utilized in the past have created “band-aid” type solutions that have allowed me to move up the emotional scale without changing the underlying structure of my vibrational offering.

In other words, while I have been able to raise my functional vibrational offering – the structure that you see above ground – the underlying vibration – the foundation upon which I am offering those vibrations – remains unstable. That is why I have not been able to maintain a heightened vibrational offering of joy and enthusiasm for extended periods. I have moments, hours, days, even weeks when I am in a state of joyous co-creation and expression, but inevitably, when something in the external environment pushes me to my trigger-point, I drop back down to a lower – sometimes much lower – level on the emotional scale.

The Holosync recordings are pushing me to my trigger point on a daily basis in a controlled manner and while I am in a brain-wave state that allows for the immediate reorganization of my conditioned response to that trigger point. And, what is more important, this daily activation of my trigger-point leads to an increase in my trigger-point threshold.

In other words, each time the holosync recordings take me to my current vibrational trigger-point, the internal reorganization that occurs raises my threshold. It is similar to the process of strength training. To most effectively increase your strength you must push yourself to your current strength limit. That is why effective personal trainers take their clients to their exhaustion point or muscle failure. They know that is the point at which truly effective muscle strengthening occurs.

But in the same way that after a hard workout your muscles are sore for a few days, taking yourself to an emotional/vibrational trigger-point will most-likely lead to some mental/emotional/vibrational soreness. I believe that is what I am experiencing with this feeling of lethargy and lack of focus.

If this process is similar to physical conditioning I will most likely experience a series of plateaus: A few days or weeks of “soreness” while I am pushing my trigger point to a higher level and then a period of rest and deep reorganization at that new level.

And I am all for that! Spending a few days or weeks in a lowered vibrational space in order to create a foundation upon which I can sustain a heightened experience of joy and enthusiasm is well worth it!

I will most definitely keep you posted as I continue to move through the Holosync Program in my exploration of technology-assisted personal evolution. And when I am ready to recommend it to you (or not) I will definitely let you know.

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      12. Christine Springer on September 16th, 2008 3:24 pm

        I had a lot of upheaval while working with level one. The meditations were great, but usually the next day I felt like crap. I would find myself irritable and angry for no reason. Sometimes it would get so back that I’d have to stop for a few days until I felt better. Holosync has definitely helped to change my life, but it was very uncomfortable in the beginning. I just started level three and am having some similar experiences, although not as pronounced as with level one. I feel more at peace, although I’m mostly experiencing lethargy and general lack of focus right now.


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