We Are All One – The Taste of Connection

My friend, Duane, has a license plate that says “WRALL1.” It’s one of my favorite plates. Whenever I see it, it reminds me of what I know to be true, but sometimes forget.

I’m sure you’ve heard stories of people who have experienced this connection when a loved one has died. Even if they were disconnected by a great distance, they “knew” that someone close to them had died.

I’ve heard many such stories, but have never personally experienced it, until last month when my uncle passed away.

It was the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Since it was the first Saturday of the month I hosted the monthly drop in Law of Attraction group. I was showing the movie, The Secret, and had a surprisingly large turnout (25-people) considering it was the holiday weekend.

The morning was great. The discussion after the movie was deep and intimate and incredibly uplifting. I was vibrating at a wonderfully high frequency after the meeting.

I didn’t have to rush home for family time, so after cleaning up my office, my friend Mike and I went out to brunch. Coincidentally, or not, Melissa and Ella were in North Carolina visiting with Melissa’s dad who was losing his battle with cancer.

Mike and I had a great debriefing session about the morning. And then, as I was taking the last few bites of my pancake, I began feeling extremely lethargic. It was quite a noticeable shift from the powerful, high-energy state I had been experiencing moments earlier: Too big a shift to ignore.

I didn’t ignore it, exactly, but I did attempt to minimize it by saying to Mike, “I must have eaten too much of that pancake, because I just had a major crash. I think I’m going to go home and take a nap.”

I had planned to go home and pack for an overnight trip to a rustic retreat center with some friends. But instead of packing, I really did need to lie down. I told myself I would just rest for a “few minutes.” That few minutes turned into about two hours. I couldn’t get myself out of bed. I kept waking up and trying to force myself up, but I literally felt like my body was filled with lead. I kept dropping back into a deep trance or sleep.

Finally, I really did force myself up. Still feeling heavy and tired, I accepted that, for whatever reason, I was not supposed to go on this overnight. Something was up. I didn’t know what but with a feeling this strong I wasn’t going to push it. Maybe there was going to be an earthquake and I’d be safer staying home. Whatever the reason, I was clearly being given the message not to go.

What I needed, I decided, was some fresh air to help me get clear. So I went to a beautiful loop trail a few minutes from our house and started walking.

The heaviness would not go away. Even in the magical redwood grove where I always feel light and clear, my feet were dragging. As I approached the bench at the midway point of the loop I thought, “I think I’ll run. That will shake off this heaviness.” Wrong! I could barely make it up that last quarter mile. I pushed myself, but whatever I was doing certainly could not be called running!

It was not until I got home that I discovered what was happening. My mother had left several messages, none of which I had checked. My uncle had passed away earlier in the day, just at the time that I was taking the last few bites of my pancake.

If I had gone to the retreat center without checking those messages, I would not have been back until Monday evening. The funeral was on Sunday. I would have missed it and missed the opportunity to be back east with my family.

Remember the scene in the original Star Wars movie when Obi Wan Kenobi stumbles and has to sit down after feeling the disruption in the Force when the Death Star destroys a planet?

We are all one. Some of us are more sensitive to that connection than others. And the vast majority of us are more sensitive to that connection with certain people than others. We’ll feel that connection with our parents, children, and siblings far more powerfully than with strangers or even friends (unless they are very close friends).

But when you feel that connection, it is real and it is powerful. There is no denying it: Even if you want to write it off to eating to much of your pancake! No, once you have felt that connection, there is no going back. It’s like taking the blue pill. Or was it the red pill?

Until the majority of us acknowledge our interconnectedness, our oneness, we will continue to create conflict and violence.

And, when enough of us do get it, get that we really are all one, get it on a deep, visceral, level, then we will be ready to create a world where everyone and everything is respected and peace is our normal experience.

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      1. Ned on March 28th, 2008 12:56 pm

        this is a really interesting and inspiring post…showing direct evidence (for any skeptics or fence-sitters) about a deeply profound subject that, like you ended with, could make the world a much better place if more people were aware of it

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