Why I Want You To Be Rich

This morning, as my daughter and I sat down to enjoy our free continental breakfast in the hotel dining lounge, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki came on the Today Show to discuss their new book, Why We Want You To Be Rich (aff).

The very first question the host asked them was “Why do you want people to get rich? That means less for you.”

Here is someone that clearly does not understand the Law of Attraction.

Getting what we want does not infringe upon anyone else’s desires. There is no lack in this Universe. There is no scarcity. When I am more joyful, that joy does not decrease the joy of those around me. When I am more loving, that love does not decrease the love that those around me feel. When I increase my financial abundance, that wealth does not cause those around me to become poorer.

This idea, that there is only so much and not enough to go around, is one of the most crippling fallacies in our cultural belief system. And whether conscious or not, this belief infuses most of our lives and influences our actions.

We are told that our resources are limited, that we have a finite supply of this and that. We hear that such and such is in “short supply.” We are taught the rule of supply and demand. We hear this so often, that it becomes difficult to imagine that there is enough of anything.

The reality is that there is enough of everything. In order to manifest this new reality we only have to begin to focus on it more often than we focus on and think about the other reality – the reality of lack and scarcity.

Begin to consciously visualize wealth as an unlimited resource. Begin to spend time each day envisioning wealth – or whatever else you want to be limitless – as a continuously renewable and renewing resource. Use whatever images or symbols or feelings evoke a sense of infinite supply or allow your intuition to awaken in you new images and feelings of the infinite.

Whatever you do, remember that stepping into abundance takes nothing away from anyone else, just the opposite, in fact. As those of us who are aware of the infinite nature of this Universe step consciously into financial abundance, others who are on the edge of this awareness get pulled into that awareness by our forward motion. And as we move forward together, as Deliberate Creators focused on our own evolution, we create a powerful force for change in this world.

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      1. Shama Hyder on April 8th, 2007 11:46 am


        Truly we live in a world of abundance. = )

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