Conditioning 1. Deliberate Creation 0

Three-days coming. Three-days here. Three-days gone.

Did you ever hear that phrase about colds when you were growing up? I must have. And I must have heard it enough, or from someone with enough authority to cause it to become part of my conditioning.

By conditioning I mean that it was acting from a pre-conscious place within my mind. So, while I was not consciously aware that I believed colds last 9-days, hidden down in my conditioned belief system, the recording, “Three-days coming. Three-days here. Three-days gone.” was playing in the background. And that recording, that conditioned belief, made it very difficult for colds to end in less than 9-days.

Saturday night, as I was soaking in a hot bath, attempting to deliberately create my way back to well-being, that phrase popped, out of nowhere, into my awareness. Well, out of nowhere is not the best way of saying it. I’m well aware of where it popped out of…my unconscious mind.

And the only reason it popped from my unconscious mind to my conscious awareness is because, for the past 8-days, I have been so focused on deliberately creating well being.

In our work to become Deliberate Creators, our biggest obstacle and challenge comes from our conditioning. Part of the problem, a big part of the problem really, is that the vast majority of our beliefs and thoughts are based on conditioning.

Our conditioning influences how we think about certain people, including their race, their religion, their class, their clothing, etc. It influences what we think is possible or impossible. Our conditioning tells us what careers, hobbies, activities “people like us” pursue. And conditioning plays a very powerful role in determining how long it takes and even if we can return to a state of well being from injury and illness.

In the quest for deliberate creation, conditioning is the clear nemesis.

So even if you don’t win the with your conditioning on a physical, manifestation level, – as with this cold – just becoming conscious of what was previously unconscious conditioning is, in itself, a major victory!

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s fun to see the positive results of your Deliberate Creation. It would have been great to intend well-being back into my body Monday night and wake up Tuesday morning fully recovered! But becoming aware of this childhood programming that colds last for 9-days is a truly great thing.

Anytime you bring aspects of your unconscious conditioning into your conscious awareness you have taken a great step forward on the path of deliberate creation. So even if you do not see the physical manifestation, when you have an “aha” moment and realize why you have been manifesting some “unwanted” experience over and over, give yourself a big pat on the back.

And just in case you’re counting, today is day eight. So theoretically, if my conditioning continues to win this round, tomorrow should be the last day of this cold!

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