Conversation Starters For Deliberate Creators

My wife and I were a bit stressed today as we scrambled to find last-minute childcare for Ella. Before I left the house we had what could be described as a less-than-loving exchange about tomorrow. So when I saw our home number show up on my caller-ID at the office I braced for another potentially trying interaction.

Now, those of you who practice the Law of Attraction will have recognized that my thoughts and feelings about the impending (yes I used that word on purpose) conversation were not seeding the Universe with positive vibrations.

And since what you focus on expands, in theory, I should have gotten into a confrontational conversation with Melissa.

However, Melissa wasn’t buying into my vibration. Apparently she had prepared for the call by getting herself into a very positive feeling state. The first words out of her mouth, after I said “hello” were, “I am feeling SO abundant and joyful right now. How about you?”

Those words changed everything. My negative projections could not survive in the face of that positive energy. Instantly, my feeling shifted from dread (maybe a bit strong) to gladness. A big smile found its way onto my face. And I felt true gratitude for Melissa’s ability to bring positive feelings into our connection in spite of my not-so-positive vibes.

Every time we begin a conversation we have the opportunity to set the tone for that interaction. Positive, negative or neutral: It’s up to you. So the next time you begin a conversation ask yourself what vibration you want to bring to it and choose words that are aligned with that intention.

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