The Dark Ages Of The Universe And The Law Of Attraction

The November edition of Scientific American has an article on The Dark Ages Of The Universe. Below is the article overview as printed in SciAm. Pay particular attention to the final line:

    • Much of the attention in cosmology over the past several years has focused on the cosmic microwave background radiation, which provides a snapshot of the universe at an age of 400,000 years. But between this moment and the appearance of the first galaxies was a period of almost total darkness, broken by not so much as a glimmer of starlight. Hidden in the shadows of this era are the secrets of how galaxies took shape.
    • Clearly, it is hard to probe a period that is by its very nature practically invisible. The key is to look for the feeble radio waves emitted by electrically neutral hydrogen gas as it interacts with the background radiation. Observers are now starting to do so.
    • The result should be an even more interesting map than that of the microwave background. It will be fully three-dimensional and will show, step by step, how form emerged from formlessness.

Let me repeat that, in case you missed it: “It will…show, step by step, how form emerged from formlessness.”

That’s exactly what we’re exploring with the Law of Attraction! As deliberate creators we are becoming conscious of our ability to create form from formlessness, to bring forth into physical form that which has previously been formless.

My guess is that when scientists have this model of how form emerged from formlessness on a Universal level, it will corroborate what we already know to be the steps of attraction and manifestation:

  1. Ask for what you want – Through your Desires, Intentions and Commitment.
  2. Trust that it will be provided – Be in a state of positive expectation.
  3. Allow that which has been asked for to come into being – Be open and willing to receive what you have asked for.

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