Edward I Have No Toilet Paper Today

A few months ago, Darren Rowse over at Problogger had another round of his Group Writing Project. In his words, it’s The Biggest List of How To Articles Ever Assembled. I submitted this entry on How To Be More Intuitive.

There was nothing remarkable about that entry but since then I have gotten some laughs from my placement in Darren’s list. When people have added the list to their site, the excerpt I see in Technorati looks like this:

by Eric How I Solved All My Problems By Watching A TV Soap Opera by Pat How to shrink your church in 30 days or less! by Jeff How to be more Intuitive by Edward I Have No Toilet Paper Today by Carolyn Blogging E-Metrics by Doug How to Take Great Photos of Children by Darren How to get a

Personally I think it’s a hoot that in the excerpt my name appears to be Edward I have no toilet paper today!

It strikes me as a particularly strong Medicine, or Spirit Name, though I’m still pondering the symbolic meanings. If you have any thoughts, please let me know.

Pre-publication Update:

I SWEAR, I did not see this horoscope until after writing the first part of this entry.

Here’s my weekly horoscope from Rob Brezny of Free Will Astrology:

The Delaware Gap National Recreation Area in Pennsylvania has an outhouse that cost $333,000 to build. It’s a two-hole beauty with a roof constructed from slate mined in Vermont, porch railings built out of Indiana limestone and an indestructible cobblestone foundation. This is your symbol of power for the coming week, Virgo. May it inspire you to devote elegant, sumptuous attention to one of your most basic needs.

Go figure!

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