EzineArticles Does It Right

I love when I see well-executed examples of great customer service. Checking my mail on the way back from lunch I had a totally unexpected surprise. I had received a small package from EzineArticles, one of the best article directories on the web (my opinion!). In it was a coffee mug with “I “Heart” Ezine @rticles” on it. And inside the mug was a half sheet of paper with the following message:


Thanks for being an EzineArticles.com Platinum-level author!

You’re receiving this small token of our appreciation for sending in yuor best original articles. One by one, we appreciate all of your articles and expect 2007 to be a great year together as we drive more traffic your way

To Our Continued Success Together!

Do you think this little surprise gift worked? You bet. It reminded me of my enhanced status as a “platinum level” author, and got me motivated to update my articles as well as the fact that I have not updated my articles in over four months!

As I’ve immersed myself in creating content for Evolving Times I have dropped a few other balls. Ezine Articles is not a ball that I want to drop.

My article Surrendering To Freedom: Stepping Into Grace was found on Ezine Articles by the Healing Garden Journal and published in their 125,000 subscriber magazine.

So my hat’s off to you, Christopher Knight and the Ezine Articles Team. You’ve done it right.

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