When You Hear A Hawk Step Back For A Different Perspective

I’m blessed to live in a place where the shrill calls of hawks is never far away. There’s a pair of Red Shoulder Hawks that, for the past two years, have nested in one of the big Fir trees in our neighborhood. It’s a thrill to wake up to their calls and watch and listen as the young hawks test out their wings and voices.

The drawback to having these calls around so often is that I can become detached from the powerful messages that these and other wild creatures offer.

Today, on my walk in the woods, when I heard the Red Shoulder Hawk in this recording, I caught myself taking the gift of that communication for granted. Not good.

So I stopped and listened both to the sound of the hawk and to the meaning within the call. The meaning was twofold:

Pay attention, I was being reminded. If I take for granted the thrilling call of a hawk, what other powerful messages in my life am I missing? Messages come in all forms, from all places, and often they are very simple and even boring. So I was put on alert to pay attention to all the messages in my life not just the “knock-you-on-the-head-with-a-frying-pan” type of messages.

The other message was to step back and get some perspective on my life. I sense that I have gotten a bit too caught up in the day-to-day happenings in my life and have lost touch with the big picture. My hawk friend was reminding me to get a hawk-eye perspective on my life before jumping back in to the daily tasks.

What messages are you missing? What messages are you taking for granted? Perhaps you need some perspective. I believe we all need a bit more hawk-eye perspective. Perhaps listening to the call of this hawk will help you rise up above your daily life and see what you’ve been missing.

MP3 File

Note the Flicker calls at the end of the first hawk call and in the space between the first and second hawk call.

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      3 Responses to “When You Hear A Hawk Step Back For A Different Perspective”

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      2. gr8face on November 25th, 2006 4:33 pm

        Really lovely. Just listening put me in a better state of mind.

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