Holosync Solution Update and Review

My 30-day trial of the Holosync Solution ended on Friday. The trial went out with a bit of a whimper, not due to any fault of the Holosync. This cold that has been following me around since last Monday put a distinctive dent into my routine of getting up at 5:00 and listening to the Holosnyc before beginning the day. However, I did manage to listen to at least 30-minutes of the recordings just about every day. And now that the 30-day trial is officially complete, I feel like I can give you my initial impressions and recommendations. I’ll begin with my bottom line recommendation and move on to the more detailed review.

Bottom Line:

I recommend the Holosync Solution (aff)with the following reservation. It requires a serious commitment of time. Personally, I found it very difficult to commit a full hour to the recordings each day. A support person at Centerpointe recommended listening to the 30-minute recording on a daily basis, and adding in as much of the second recording as possible. So if you can commit 30-minutes a day most days and add another 30-minutes on two or more days each week, the Holosync Solution will absolutely accelerate your evolution.

Detailed Review:

Trigger Point Threshold Raised:

Bill Harris, the creator of the Holosync System talks about trigger points and explains that the Holosync works by raising your trigger point threshold. In other words, it takes more to trigger you. In thirty days of regular Holosync use I found this to be absolutely true. I was very aware of moments when my wife would say something that would normally trigger me into defensiveness. I would catch that “pre-trigger” reflex but not drop into the unconscious post-trigger state that is so familiar and so not fun!

And just yesterday I had a rather unpleasant meeting with a consulting client of mine. We’re having some lack of communication happening between all of the parties involved in the project. Yesterday one of the owners seemed to be projecting some pretty serious negative energy in my direction. Again, I could feel myself getting that urge to go into defensive/confrontation mode, but I was conscious enough of the experience to be able to choose not to.

Increased Creativity:

One clear and positive effect of the Holosync has been a dramatic increase in my creativity. While never one with a dearth of creative urges, since beginning my work with the Holosync my creativity has been working overtime.

For the most part this has been a very positive experience. However, there have been a few nights when, even after listening to the Holosync to turn down the flow of creativity, I have been literally overwhelmed – and unable to sleep – by the ideas flowing from my creative center. I have also been feeling a bit overwhelmed by my inability to devote the time necessary to keep up with all the ideas I have for Evolving Times entries.

My wife has experienced the same heightened creativity. I recognized it the other morning when she came downstairs early (she’s not a morning person) all fired up to share some of the new ideas she had for her concentration at New College.

We both need to ground that heightened creativity. When ungrounded, that creative energy is very fast, even frenetic. And it has the tendency to cause me to lose focus and begin spinning my wheels. I get so caught up in all the creative ideas, I become distracted from my priorities and become very inefficient in my work.

When grounded and focused, that heightened creativity leads to frequent insights and ahas, as well as solutions to problems and clear guidance.

For me, grounding that creativity is as simple as getting outside everyday and getting out into nature a few times each week. When I do that, I’m good. When I don’t, things get a bit chaotic.

Stirring the Pot:

The Holosync material is very clear about the potential for some emotional upheaval when you begin the program and when you progress to the next level. I definitely experienced that for the first five-days or so. (See my first entry on the Holosync here).

But after that, it has been pretty smooth sailing. I suppose I could explore the possibility that my work with the Holosync had something to do with this cold. But I’m going to take full responsibility for creating this resistance to well-being and leave the Holosync out of it!

Time Commitment:

As I mentioned in the Bottom Line section, spending at least one-hour a day listening to the Holosync is a bit more of a time commitment than I can make. I did it through the 30-day trial and I think that focused intensity provided me with a good jumpstart into the program. Now, however, a more realistic scheduled will be more along the lines of three to four day’s/week of the full one-hour session, alternating with thirty-minute sessions with the Autofonix recordings.

Great Support:

Centerpointe touts their excellent customer service and support. My experience has shown that they fulfill that promise. When I called their support line to ask about the most effective way to use the system given my time constraints, I spoke with an extremely knowledgeable and friendly support person. She clearly understood the system, uses it herself, and is willing to take the time to answer my questions so that I’ll get the most out of it.


Again, after my thirty-day trial, I feel confident in recommending the Holosync system provided that you are willing to commit the time necessary to get the benefits. If not, don’t waste your money.

If you are interested in the Holosync, you can go to the Centerpointe site and order their free Holosync demo package (aff) which includes a CD with a sample of the Holosync technology. I suggest getting and trying the demo package first before purchasing the first level.

This will do it for the regular Holosync updates. If something unusual happens I’ll let you know. And when I move up to the next level I’ll post updates as needed to keep you up to date.

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      49 Responses to “Holosync Solution Update and Review”

      1. melissa patterson on November 16th, 2006 4:49 pm

        Hi Everybody,

        I absolutely need to comment here. As some of you know I am Ed’s wife and started meditating with the Holosync Cd’s soon after Ed received them. I agree with Ed in what he says here but I want to make a few notes of my own.

        I have been a regular meditator for the past 15 years. However, for the last few years especially with the birth of Ella (our three year old) I have not meditated as much as I have in the past. With Holosync I have found that it is much easier to get myself motivated than if I am regularly meditating on my own. This might be because there is not a need for the constant self-guidance talk, i.e. “now I am thinking… guide myself back to the breath”. With holosync I can allow my thoughts to do whatever they are doing and still receive great benefits. Inevitably, however, I have found that once the CD’s bring me down to a delta wave I am automatically put in a deep meditation as if I have been meditating normally for 45 minutes.

        The main differences that I have noticed in myself since beginning to meditate with these CDs are: increased creativity and increased cognitive functioning, (an example of this is that recently I was able to read and digest an article on a theory found in Physics called the Theory of Entanglement and spout it off in class without pre-preparing for it.) I have also noticed that I am more deeply connected to my unconscious and have had two serious psychological/energetic healing experiences. Lastly, I have better stress management in general.

        Overall, I highly recommend these CD’s (especially for people who have meditated in the past but need a new push or angle.)


      2. Edward Mills on November 16th, 2006 5:05 pm

        Thanks for adding your thoughts, Melissa. It’s been very interesting to watch how we’re both responding to the technology in different (but positive) ways.


      3. Jovvi on December 15th, 2006 2:13 pm

        I found your review very helpful. I just ordered the Awakening Prologue after trying out the trial CD and your review kind of backed up my general opinion of the program so far.

        A suggestion on the creative bursts: I find that journaling helps me channel my creative bursts. Getting all those ideas out and down on paper frees me to keep coming up with more, and gives me more leeway time to flesh them out without feeling the need to act on them right away. Just an idea! 🙂

      4. Edward Mills on December 16th, 2006 11:09 am

        Hi Jovvi

        Thanks for the tip. Journaling has definitely helped in the past. Recently though, I tend to channel that creativity into this blog. Although, I must admit, there were some times, when I began working with Holosync, that I truly could not keep up with the creativity. Now that I’m two- months into the Holosync my creativity is still heightened but not to the level where it keeps me up at night…usually!

      5. Dan and Jennifer on December 20th, 2006 5:29 pm

        Hey Ed and Melissa,

        Thanks for sharing your Holosync experiences in such depth. Jennifer and I started using Holosync about a year ago, and have been listening ever since.

        Like you, we may not always have time to do it every day, but we do the full hour on most days. That’s just like journaling, Simpleology, and everything else – these things are supposed to serve you, not the other way around, so you do them when life and your day’s choices permit.

        What’s really cool is that about a week ago we got our Holosync Level 1 CDs, the ones with your own customized affirmations subliminally encoded in the soundtrack. It helps that we have a common set of goals and affimations. 🙂

        Both our benefits are similar to what Melissa found, and some others… better concentration, less need for sleep, a more mellow mood in general, stronger mental accuity, better focus on goals and objectives, and much better ability to deal with stress.

        The sleep thing is interesting… and Level 1 comes with a CD to play during sleep which is supposed to dramatically reduce your need for sleep. It’s actually been helpful with our transition to getting up at 5am every morning. We just recently moved to 4am. Our goal is to get less sleep and still have lots of energy. Time will tell…

        Ed, if I were you (and knowing what I know today) I’d continue using those CDs for a few more months. Go half hour a day for a month, then go to a full hour after that – which should minimize the adverse effects you mentioned. But it took a good 2 months before we got used to the steep dive/plunge. It’s much more abrupt and intense than outright meditation without the Holosync CDs.

        I was well accustomed the the program before the new Level 1 CDs arrived, but now I’m experiencing some of the minor initial challanges I had when I first got the CDs a year ago… so the new level is more powerful and takes a bit of adjustment time again.

        In short, Holosync is by far the most effective meditation program we’ve seen to date… and with all the benefits I’ve seen and experienced from daily meditation, I can’t conceive not doing it.

        Have an awesome day!
        Dan and Jennifer

      6. Edward Mills on December 21st, 2006 10:24 am

        Hi guys

        Yes, I’ve been continuing to use the holosync for just over two-months now. The initial “upheaval” lasted just a week or so. You can read additional updates by searching for holosync on the site. I’m actually pretty gung-ho to get the next level, but the folks at Holosync have encouraged me to go the full 4-months that they recommend as a minimum.

        Can’t wait to go deeper with that next level, though.
        Take care

      7. Nanban on March 11th, 2007 12:32 am

        Dear Ed and Mellisa,

        Thank you for your comments. It is very useful.

      8. Edward Mills on March 12th, 2007 6:01 am

        Hi Nanban. Glad the comments have been useful. Check back in and let us know about your experience with the Holosync.

      9. Kim on March 22nd, 2007 9:57 am

        Hi Ed and Melissa.

        I just got my demo CD today and can’t wait to try it out. I am very interested in this program. One thing that concerns me is the cost. While the first step is not that expensive, they do not list any prices for the next levels. Do you have any insight on this, I just like to know what I am getting myself into. I have e-mailed Center Pointe about this, but have not received a response.

        Thanks for any info you can provide.


      10. Will on April 13th, 2007 2:20 pm

        Hi, thanks for your review, I’m going through a rough patch in my life right now and a friend of mine recommended me the Holosync solution.

        What concerns me is that I’ve never practiced meditation before, or any form of mental relaxation exercises. Do you think this can affect my Holosync experience?


      11. Jim on May 9th, 2007 9:20 am


        I’ve just ordered the introductory CD. I have a real need to learn to use my cognition more productively and to shake off the mental lethargy that I am struggling to overcome.

        I came across the ad for the Holosync Solution quite be by chance, but followed my intutition and placed the order. Then I can across your initial blog as you were beginning the program. I read your narrative through to your final conclusion. Now, even before I’ve received the product, I’m excited to get started.



      12. Martha on May 12th, 2007 2:51 am

        I don’t understand where the idea of the “30-day trial” came from. All of the Holosync material I got with my package this year is very clear that the program is to be used for a full FOUR MONTHS. While many people experience noticeable and sometimes profound changes in 30 days, that isn’t nearly enough time for the technology to work to its fullest capacity. Depending on the person, the changes might be subtle and take months to become eveident. That’s why Holosync’s satisfaction guarantee is a FULL YEAR long.

        Yes, the time committment is substantial. But the Holosync technology does all the work — no prior experience necessary, no mantras, lotus positions, or having to restart the session if you stop to scratch an itch or open your eyes for some reason.
        whatever happens, happens. So it takes time.

        The Prologue level is intended to be a complete, standalone program. Yes, there are several continuing levels available. But Holosync is totally upfront that those are optional and about what the costs are. In the support literature (which is plentiful), there is ample explanation about the purpose and the workings of the continuing levels.

        I was already a veteran meditator (both passive and dynamic techniques) before beginning the Holosync Prologue level two months ago. So I didn’t start the program with as much “baggage” as a newbie might. I believe that’s why my changes so far have been of the subtle variety. But they are there. My advice is this: unless your changes are profoundly noticeable within the first three months, give the Prologue program the full four months or longer before you decide whether to upgrade.

      13. Maria on May 14th, 2007 4:26 am

        Hi there
        I’ve been using the Holosync for three years. When I started using it, I was in an emotional mess and I found the CDs an amazing help. Finding one hour in each day is not a ‘commitment’ but more of a reward for me. I so look forward to it every day. I’ve experienced a dramatic change in how I react to situations and more recently I have been confronted with thoughts of a relationship that went sour 7 years ago and was never resolved. I’m trusting that these thoughts will work themselves out and I will do whatever I have to do to resolve that issue. No idea what’ll happen but I’m not stressed about it. It’s weird.

      14. Belinda Etezad Rachman, Esq. on June 23rd, 2007 11:07 pm

        I got my free CD and ordered the first set which hasn’t come yet. I googled Holosync and found this site which I find fascinating. I have been an insomniac most of my life and the idea of sleeping LESS than I already do is not an appealing one. I thought I was going to get more not less sleep. I am going to look around this site some more and see what else is here.

      15. Celine on July 18th, 2007 7:55 pm

        I started the Holosync at the end of April 2007so I have been doing the first CD Awakening Proglogue for almost three months. I love it.. I too notice that I am much calmer, my husband said that I seem calmer, what used to upset me, I now just rolls right off me. I feel so much more patient and compassionate and empathetic. At first I noticed that I needed less sleep maybefor the first month, I was getting up startlingly early on my own full of energy with no fatigue during the day, but after a month and a half, that is not the case any more, now I need a good nights sleep of 7-8 hours, but I do sleep peacefully every night, all night. Also I find that when I listen to the CD in the morning, I have a much more positive calming experience than if I wait the end of the evening after long day at the office, after having dinner, just before bed, when I am so tired, trying to squeeze it in; then listening the the CD sometimes seems a chore…and I keep wondering when it will end & have thought oh it must not be working as well….but then when I return to listeing to it in the morning, first thing or if on the weekend in the afternoon, the experience is again very peaceful and very pleasurable and easy to get through. So I realize now that it is best for me to listen to the CD early when I am well rested, rather than end of day. I find the craziest thoughts come to me while listening to the Holosync CD, things I have not thought about in years come to mind, and I sit there and wonder, why am I thinking about this or what prompted this memory and then I realize it is the stuff coming out of me…maybe something stupid like someone got me upset in high school which was thirty years ago…..or I will think of a scene from my child hood or from my twenties that was perhaps upsetting then but seems so stupid now….realizing that these thoughts are things that I maybe have stored for years and by them coming up as thoughts I am releasing them in a way. I have been able to release a lot of stuff that was upsetting to me that I have not thought about, that kind of flows past me and it is like wow….and then it is gone.
        Also I have more physical energy, before I was only able to do 2 yoga classes per week, and my body would ache and it would be hard to get through the yoga classes, now I can easily do three or four yoga classes per week and sometimes five classes per week, I have become almost obsessed with having to get my yoga fix in and I am so happy that I have this extra energy and motivation to do so. I am excited about going on the the next Holosync level, Awakening Level 1, I have paid for this level, but am taking time picking out which affirmations I will use…since I have still not completed a full four months with Awakening Prologue, I have time yet to get my affirmations recorded via the phone line for the CD. I love the support emails and the letters that come, they are right on when covering the topic “what might be happening to you at this point”.

      16. Edward Mills on July 19th, 2007 12:34 pm

        Hi Belinda: Please accept my belated welcome to Evolving Times. I can tell you that with the Holosync, I have slept better than ever and find that I need significantly less sleep. Also, my wife, who occasionally has insomnia has also been sleeping much more consistently and deeply since starting the program.

      17. Edward Mills on July 19th, 2007 12:39 pm

        Hi Celine: Also welcome to ET. I also find that listening to the Holosync in the morning works best for me. If I don’t do it first thing in the morning, it’s too easy to let the day get away from me. And if I do it before bed, I’m often tired enough that I’ll just fall asleep while listening to it.

        One reason that you may be needing more sleep now than in the beginning is because you are probably going through a releasing process, as you mentioned. I know that when I start clearing out old thoughts and beliefs I often need to get more sleep.

        I’ll be interested to hear what happens in the next few weeks. My guess is that you will gradually start to need less sleep again. And then you’ll move to the next level and go through it again!

      18. Francis on July 30th, 2007 8:40 am


        Simple question: Can Holosync help me increase my stress endurance threshold? If you want to know why, read below.

        Thank you!

        I went to a very tough time in my life, got divorced 2 years ago and I felt so sad for me and my daughter. My world came apart. I would not believe my special little one would not get to grow in a united family. I recovered but fell into severe manic/depressive phases, was diagnosed as bi-polar and hospitalized twice for two months.

        OK, I came back to my sense last February. I’m back to work but the level of stress I can handle as decreased substantially. On a scale of 10, my stress threshold is now at 2 werheas before it was around 8. I am in a constant state of flight or fight, it is really on an hourly basis. It dumbs me down, drains me and discourage me as it becomes impossible for me to perform tasks the way I would perform them before and some tasks I can’t simply do anymore!!!

        Difficult to push my career forward if I can’t handle stress!!!

      19. Edward Mills on July 30th, 2007 9:27 pm

        Francis: Thank you for sharing your story with such honesty. Obviously, I can’t give you medical advice, I can only share my experience and my observations. For me, the Holosync meditations have absolutely increased my stress endurance threshold. And that’s an absolutely perfect way of stating it.

        Now, given your situation, I would also point out that when I began with the Holosync system there was a period of a couple of weeks during which my “stuff” really came to the surface. During that time my stress threshold actually decreased! But I stuck with the program and slowly started coming out the o
        other side.

        If you decide to explore the Holosync I would suggest that you take advantage of their excellent support system and call them as needed.

        I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.

      20. Celine on August 14th, 2007 5:15 am

        Francis, I don’t know if you ever decided to try Holosync, but although my comment is quite late, I definitley think Holosync can help reduce your stress level and also can help with depression. On the http://www.centerpointe.com website, you can click on the Mind Chatter archives and read the particpant comments in each news letter. There are some comments from actual Holosync users about feeling much less stress and actually overcoming severe depression.
        I have just received my second level of Holosync CD’s entitled Awakening Level 1 they are customized with my own subliminal affirmations. There are several CD’s in this level and for the first 2 weeks of this level I had to listen to CD1 for 30 minutes and then today actually I graduate to listening to the entire disc for one hour. I am very excited with the results of this new level. Once again….I need less sleep….I went to bed last night at 10:30pm and woke up at 4:30am alert, awake, ready to go! I totally see much more calmness in my life. I feel sharper at work, much more focused, more positive and confident. I work as a recruiter/headhunter on straight commission and I find that Holoysnc really helps me stay upbeat, positive and open to letting the good things come my way. You get what you focus on and since starting Holosync in April 07 it is so much easier to focus on success and prosperity and joy and I am getting what I focus on; peace, prosperity and happiness!

      21. Edward Mills on August 14th, 2007 8:58 pm

        Celine. I’m just getting ready to move to the 60-minute sessions on Awakening Level 1 also. I’ll be posting my experiences with Awakening here soon. I’ll hope to hear your experiences as when I do.

      22. ayman tantawy on October 27th, 2007 5:39 pm

        does any one experienced what was called the whole brain functioning i mean no one have spoken about increased intelligence , memory improvement , IQ but all are talking about stress release can any one help

      23. Sam on November 14th, 2007 12:48 am

        Hi, I have just purchased holosync and my discs should be here in 3 more days. Ijust wanted to say how great it is to find this detail. I put off purchasing the system for 8 mths even though I loved the demo because I am sceptic about alot of “hyped” things although I do love the secret as well. So I can’t wait now to try this and am waiting with bated breath for them to arrive. Thanks for putting such great detail on here for newbies like myself.

      24. Edward Mills on November 16th, 2007 4:35 pm

        Ayman. There is much evidence to suggest that meditation increases brain function, memory, IQ, etc. My personal experience with Holosync and Neuroprogrammer2 leads me to believe that they both contribute to increased brain function. Perhaps it is because of the stress reduction. But whatever the reason, I feel smarter!

      25. Edward Mills on November 16th, 2007 4:37 pm

        Sam. You’re very welcome. I would just remind you to follow the protocol. It’s tempting to want to jump right into immersion. But stick with the Dive for the full 14-days (or is it 30-days the first time?) and then move into the combined Dive/Immersion sessions.

        Stop back here and let us know how you’re doing!

      26. tina on December 8th, 2007 12:37 pm


        I just want to know how much each level costs, e.g. level 1, level 2. The web site has the price for the prologue only.


      27. Anne on February 6th, 2008 8:00 am

        Hi this is my first visit to this blog, I too got the demo and like the rain and bowl sounds alot. I dont really like Bill Harris. I dont like the used car sales type hype . I think the cost is too high also. I did order another similar cd and returned it (was not as calming).
        I am still considering ordering but have real issues with the cost. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      28. Edward Mills on February 8th, 2008 11:44 am

        Tina: I’m not sure what the advanced levels are right now. I always wait for one of their “specials” before upgrading. Admittedly, even with the specials they are not cheap. But keep in mind that the advanced levels contain 4 different versions of the session each one taking you deeper. So it’s as if you’re getting four mini-levels. Plus they always through in a bunch of bonuses that are actually quite good!

        Anne. There is definitely some of that with Centerpointe. But I’ve come to accept that. Basically, if a product or service has true value, I want it to get out into the world. And I know that for me, when I hear the inner voice saying “used car salesman” it’s time to examine my beliefs about marketing, selling. If I hear that voice about someone else, you can bet that it’s also circulating around inside of me when I’m marketing my products or services.

        As for advice on what to do. I would definitely recommend Prologue. Without a doubt that level made a huge difference in my life. The effects of the upper levels have definitely been more subtle. Not sure if that’s typical or not.

        Hope that helps a little.

      29. rick bruhn on March 7th, 2008 11:09 am

        i have a suggestion for all those individuals considering spending possibly thousands of dollars on CDs and possibly the placebo effect. invest in a low end eeg biofeedback device that can be purchased for under $2000. biofeedback provides entrainment that is readily observable. if you still want to use binaural files you can buy them from a number of sites from $15 up. remember, producing binaural sound files is not brain surgery. and once they’re originally produced, they are copied many times just waiting for you to buy them.

      30. Edward Mills on March 7th, 2008 9:59 pm

        Rik. Thanks for the feedback. It’s true that there are some very good brainwave entrainment packages out there. I use the Neuroprogrammer 2 in addition to Holosync. But I also believe there is benefit to Holosync beyond a placebo effect. I’ve certainly experienced that benefit, although I recognize that not everyone has. That’s why it’s important to check out the free demo and see how you respond.

      31. Ned on March 27th, 2008 1:41 pm

        Hello Ed,

        Just yesterday I stumbled across mention of Holosync on a website and out of curiosity, googled for it. Based on the short anecdotal review of this girl on a forum, and based on the intriguing information fron Centerpointe’s website (and other sources like yours), I immediately ordered the demo, which should be on its way.

        I’ve been looking for something to help me gain more control over myself and restore the deep peace of mind and laser-sharp focus I experienced doing difficult yoga and meditation I experimented with nearly a year ago. Those were really difficult though, and I find myself getting back to basics now…starting simpler, but hopefully to build a stronger, more stable foundation to reach higher levels in the future, and so this seems very doable.

        What I like most about it is how much research and hard scientific data is available…showing the actual brain usage and brainwave pattern changes in people over time. I find it incredible that just listening to this will start *causing* those changes all by itself. That is really neat.

        So I’m waiting for the demo right now but I’m even getting antsy to order the Awakening Prologue series. I think I’m going to calm myself down a little and follow through with the full demo and progress though, since it seems that’s the best thing to do.

        Do you know of just how wide the scope is…how many products Centerpointe offers? On their website, when I go to their Products section, all I see is Awakening Prologue. Could you possibly outline how many different levels and sub-levels there are, because I don’t fully understand the whole long-range process.

      32. Sue on April 12th, 2008 10:58 am

        This discussion has been very helpful. I was given the Awakening Prologue as a present from someone who is very enthusiastic about the value it has brought to his life; however, I have been someone hesitant to start. I dabble with some practice of yoga, but have never done any serious meditation. I also have had a lifelong battle with anxiety, panic attacks, and some pretty irrational fears. For example, I devour all the patient education material on any medication I am prescribed and then am too terrified by all the warnings to take it. Needless to say, I have lived a pretty drug free life. Anyway, I have been somewhat put off by some of the articles I have read about discomfort or negative effects associated with the Holosync technology but, after reading this dialogue, I launched into my first session and am pleased to say that I am not bouncing off the walls with panic. In fact, I am feeling quite calm and relaxed and plan to continue with the program at least for the next 13 days.

      33. Ned on April 12th, 2008 5:03 pm

        That is cool Sue. I just started two days ago and already noticed certain things…a sort of peaceful “highness” in my head and a feeling of almost relentless optimism..I find myself laughing a lot and becoming much more happier and thoughtful overall…and this is just the 3rd day. Like Bill Harris said, each person is going to have their own unique experience but I think what I’m feeling is like he said the general “positive” experiences and sensations a person will feel (amongst their own growth experiences) as their brain becomes more coherent.

      34. Jim Hussey on May 24th, 2008 8:58 pm

        I have been using the Centerpointe CDs for about 10 years. I am on Purification, level 3. (There are 3 main levels: Awakening, Purification and Flowering; each has 4 levels; each level has 4 sub-levels and a sleep CD.)
        I use the level longer than the recommended length of time, mainly because it is expensive for my budget (about $230 – 250 per level) . But when I start a new level I notice a profound shift in both meditation and life experiences.
        I recommend the cds to clients and anyone interested in spiritual growth. I had to work through some beliefs about using external technology for meditation but the “proof is in the pudding” as Maharishi used to say.

      35. Arthur on August 2nd, 2008 11:47 am

        Hey. Your comment section seems too perfect. I was just checking to see if I could post a comment. I’m thinking about trying the holosync program and when I was googling I found this website.

      36. Elaine on September 3rd, 2008 8:12 am

        Been doing Holosync for a while now, just started Awakening Level 3. Noticed immediately that my dreams are more vivid and adventurous again. Never have the time to listen to the CD during the day, set my alarm for 1/2 hour to 1 hour early, put on the headphones and drift back to sleep. At first, I fall asleep all the time, can tell when I am ready to progress when I stay awake during the early hour of listening, and dreams calm down.

        I use the Floating CD at work instead of during sleeping hours. (Sleeping on my back like the recommendations say brings on snoring, and not fair to my husband). I use it to drown out office noises to concentrate on my own work, and it helps me stay calmer and unaffected by any irritating little things that go on in the office center.

        After discussing this with the Holosync/Centerpoint support people, have no worries that there is a “wrong” way of listening/progressing thru the series. However you find the time, it’s gonna work. This last weekend proved that my threshold is waaaaayyy higher than it used to be: entire weekend spend with automotive repair hassles and no temper, depression, grouchies or other emotional rollercoaster that would have accompanied this. Husband kidded: “Who are you and what did you do with my wife?”

      37. Edward Mills on September 3rd, 2008 10:20 am

        Hi Everyone. Sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with your comments. This has become quite a venue for discussing Holosync. Thanks for all the great feedback on the product. I’ll be posting another update soon!

      38. Tonia on September 10th, 2008 11:03 am

        Hi Ed,

        I’ve just ordered Holosync Demo and Special Report and I’m looking forward to seeing what its all about. I decided to try it after listening to the Masters of the Secret podcasts that Bill Harris did last year, and there was a link to the free demo.

        I came across your site via Google and first read the bottom line of your review. Its seems only to good to be true, but after all these comments, I think I should at least give it my full attention when it arrives.

        I’ve was recently laid of form my job after 10 1/ 2 years, and I have to consider a career change. Unfortunatly, I’m receiving much support in my career choice, but I realise that I’m doing this for myself and my family, not so that someone else could be proud of me. Though its really hard, and I really hope that this will really help me where I need it.

        I look foward to reading your review from the beginning. Have a wonderful day!

      39. Jane on October 14th, 2008 12:01 pm

        I’m doing the Awaking Prologe, I’ve been more relaxed, but I feel so tired. Is this normal?

      40. Nathan on January 8th, 2009 4:35 am

        I used the demo CD, listened to it a couple times in a row just to receive the holosync in it. After using it for a few days I had noticed some distinct effects. The most prominent being that of how vivid my dreams where and my control in them… it felt more like and adventure then ever before.

      41. Nick on January 20th, 2009 12:16 pm

        just so you know – I bought the awakening Prologue series $180.00 Have used it every day exactly as required in instructions.
        And I must say – contrary to all the hoopla – absolutely nothing has happened. Not one thing Centerpointe has talked about in this CD has occurred. My point is – if you give enough B.S. about a product inevitably some people buy into it and talk about wondrous effects. This is known as the placebo effect. If this product were all it claimed to be then it should work on everyone, everywhere, exactly as described. If it doesn’t then it is nothing more than a placebo. I.e. gravity has an effect whether you believe in it or not. Considering the price of this CD and the wild claims and after I have now wasted almost 120 hours of my life listening to raindrops, with no results I advise people to think very carefully about this product. There are other similar products which cost far less with the same expected outcomes – just check the internet. Buyer beware –

      42. SANJAY SHARMA on January 30th, 2009 9:17 am

        hi nick,

        it seems that you are having some problem while using it in a effective way. can you please give us a little details that how you are meditating with this cd. i am using it from a month and i am feeling very depressed and anger first 20 days. i cannot believe that i am become a angry person. in the past i am a very peaceful and polite person but after doing the meditation i find that i am full of anger. i am looking for the fight with some body even with my family members without any reason. because i am using the witnessing principle in my life so i am aware that i am in the fighting mood. and this is not good. so i forced myself to stop it. but after 18-20 days i find that i am feeling release and i am become much calmer than in the past. now i am not forcing myself to be positive. it is coming inside from me.

        i think you have to talk with the centerpointe people. they have excellent system of support. centerpointe has good numbers of excellent and experienced coach and they can you help a lot. and if you find that this is not working in your life than you can eaisly give them back for refund because it has one full year money back guarantee.

        hope this help you.

        sanjay sharma, india

      43. Zack B on April 17th, 2009 4:14 pm

        Does anyone have any experience with the “Alt Holia NLP” series? They’re being sold on ebay and claim to have similar effectiveness to the Holosync series at lower cost. What about Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s CD’s? Thanks for any info you can provide!

      44. Fabricio on May 4th, 2009 5:24 pm

        Just ordered the demo cd today. Can’t wait to get it. Let’s see what happens…

      45. Andy on May 10th, 2009 2:20 pm

        Will the binaural beats be lost if converted to .m4a thus making it ineffective ? id like to put these on my mp3 player etc

      46. Shane on May 20th, 2009 7:59 pm

        Hi Andy,
        I use these on my IPod, but Centrepoint advises recording them in WAV or AIFF format – I believe these are known as ‘loss less’ formats and include all frequencies (unlike MP3 compression which can take out some of the lower frequencies used in HoloSync, as I understand).

        It means an hour long recording is about 700MB though, so make sure you have a descent size MP3 player if you want to put a number of different recordings on.

        Also Ed, thanks for the review, I would love to hear an update on how you are doing if you have any time, I have been using the awakening course for about 2 weeks and would recommend HoloSync based on my short experience this far.

        Shane, Australia

      47. Jackie Woo on August 15th, 2009 7:21 pm

        I don’t even know how I got to this site, but wow! I’ve never heard of Holosync, but I completed 18 sessions of BrainState Technologies training two weeks ago. I have definitely benefitted from the experience, but cannot afford further sessions any time in the foreseeable future. Can anyone comment on the potential conflict or compatability of BST and Holosync?

      48. heather-mae celins on September 19th, 2009 7:22 am

        I’m trying to sort out whether the use of Holosync and NLP can be used in conjuction with each other, as a friend’s given me some Holosync c.d.’s but I’ve just purchased Alt Holia NLP series off Ebay, (which I havn’t received yet) Will the effects of one system cancel out the effects of the other? I’ve been using Dive for two weeks and Dive and Immersion for the last couple of days. I do feel wonderful and I’m full of energy, I must say.

      49. navajowindtalker on November 3rd, 2009 4:55 am

        Any update on the ALT Holia CD’s Healther-Mae?

        Anyone else have any experience with these CD’s?

        Thanks. 🙂

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