Holosync Update – Day 24: A New Discovery

Actually, I’ve made two new discoveries since the last update. First, I realized how effective The Dive is at winding me down in the evening. I’ve been noticing, with the number of projects I’m working on right now, that my mind is having a hard time slowing down at night. Even on evenings that I am physically tired, my brain keeps churning, making it difficult to get to sleep.

A few nights ago, I decided to use The Dive – the first 30-minute recording – before bed to see how it would affect my ability to sleep. It worked wonders! The slow descent into a Theta brainwave helped quiet my mind and get me into a great space for sleeping.

So, while I’m not using it every night before bed, when I feel that my brain is on overdrive while my body is running on empty, I listen to the Dive and find it very helpful.

I’m not sure how I would define the second discovery: An aid in releasing resistance to growth, perhaps. Although, I suppose that’s really what the Holosync program (aff) is all about. But the experience I had last night was more about releasing acute resistance. Let me explain.

I’m blessed with a body that clearly lets me know when I am cut off from Source or resisting an opportunity for personal growth and evolution. Usually I pay attention to those physical signals and act on the message, i.e. let go of the resistance, before the symptoms become too strong.

Sometimes I don’t!

Yesterday was one of those days. Throughout the entire day, I was clearly feeling the symptoms of resistance. And, throughout the entire day, I was doing my best to ignore them. By the time evening rolled around, I could feel my body heading into its shutdown mode. That’s what my body says, “Look buddy, I’ve been sending you these signals all day/week/month and you haven’t been listening. Well, guess what, now you’ve got no choice!”

Thankfully, shut down mode doesn’t happen very often. I tend to listen to my body’s signals most of the time. But when I don’t listen and shutdown mode clicks in, it begins with a dull headache, physical fatigue, and a loss of appetite. If I don’t deal with it in the beginning stage, it grows into what would probably qualify as a migraine headache, extreme physical fatigue and nausea. It literally becomes impossible – or extremely difficult – to continue functioning on a physical level. And at that point sleep is the only solution.

Sleep allows me to release the resistance I am holding. From a personal growth and evolution standpoint, sleep is probably not the optimal solution. (Although I do some pretty good personal evolution work in a sleep state). Consciously choosing to release the resistance before I got to that point of shut down would clearly be more powerful. But when I have reached that level of physical fatigue and pain, consciously releasing the resistance becomes much more difficult.

All of that is a long way of bringing me to my new discovery about the holosync. Last night I put Ella to bed at 8:30 and, feeling like I was heading pretty quickly towards shutdown mode, planned to go to sleep along with her. While I dozed for the next few hours, I was unable to drop into a deep healing sleep, and by 11:15, when Melissa came to bed, I had entered full shutdown mode.

Now it’s one thing to say that the only choice is sleep, it’s another thing to access sleep when you’re head is pounding. Past experience has shown that when I’m in full shutdown mode, sleep can take anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes to access. I was definitely not looking forward to the next thirty to ninety minutes.

And then I got a very clear message that I should try the Holosync Solution (aff). So I did. I went downstairs, climbed into the glide rocker, turned on the holosync recording and immediately experienced a dramatic increase in the intensity of my headache.

Not a good sign. I almost abandoned the plan. But then I got another message giving me the hint that the Holosync would amplify whatever I was focused on. Focus on the pain, more pain. Focus on releasing resistance, less resistance, less pain.

With that awareness, I felt immediate relief from the pain. I focused on a feeling of deep peace and very quickly found the headache fading away.

It must have worked because the next thing I remember was waking up just about an hour later as the Immersion recording was coming to an end. The headache was gone, and I was centered in a place of deep peace and ready to go back upstairs for a few more hours of healing sleep.

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      1. Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker on August 27th, 2007 3:22 pm

        I just started Disc 2 of Level 1 of the Halosync Solutions. I usually do it just before bedtime. When I first started the Introduction CD, (I forgot what they called it.) I would go to sleep before the end of the tape. You are told that it is ok. It just means there is something you don’t want to hear. Eventually, I reached the point of staying awake through the whole thing so I am resisting the change less. I go to sleep almost immediately after turning off the CD. I sleep soundly all night long. I have never done that before. Change, during waking hours is coming easier but little or no resistance on my part. I can’t tell you what the program is doing for me but I feel that it is working.

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