Law of Attraction Carnival # 6: The Power of Intention

Welcome to the November 14th edition of the Law of Attraction carnival. The topic of this edition is The Power of Intention.

There is a distinct difference between intention and Intention. How many times have you set an intention only to realize a few days or weeks or months later that you were not fully committed to its manifestation? And how long have you continued to push even after you have lost the enthusiasm that caused you to embark on that path?

Small-i intentions come from the mind and from the will. They are those ideas that seem great in the moment but, for whatever reason, fail to ignite the spark within us that transforms them into sustainable Intentions.

Big-I Intentions, on the other hand, come from the heart and from our Source-connected, wise self. These big Intentions inspire us. They call to us and call us into a grander expression of who we are. These Intentions feel aligned with who we are and serve to draw us into our true nature. These Intentions are so powerful that there is no way we will allow them to remain unmanifested.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our intentions were Big-I Intentions? My personal experiences and observations have led me to believe that in order to get to those inspiring, grand, big-I Intentions we’ve got to go through a few practice runs with some small-i intentions.

So if you find yourself setting intentions that fail to manifest, don’t despair: You are getting ready to connect with a big one! Your small intentions are like the clothes you bring into the dressing room but decide you don’t like. If you didn’t try them on, you wouldn’t know. And if you didn’t try them on, you wouldn’t recognize the outfit that truly inspires you when you found it.

So get out there and set some intentions. Big-I, small-i, doesn’t matter. You’ve got to be in the game. And the way you get in the game is by setting intentions.

Now lets see what some other folks have to say about Intention:

Speaking about getting in the game, over at ZenChill, Raymond David Salas presents Tiger Woods Is My Guru.

Here are some of Tiger’s own wise words:

Clearly decide what you want.

I know what I want to accomplish and I know how to get there. The ultimate goal is to be the best. Whether that’s the best ever, who knows? I hope so.

Next up we have a new contributor to the carnival, Slade at Shift Your Spirits brings us this entry on Better Messages for Manifesting. He touches on the idea of Big-I Intentions with this suggestion:

Dream bigger.
You must at least start with the Wow Factor in order to propel an idea’s launch; you need big dreams with enough big energy and big excitement to have something to endure. But save the practical, bite-size mindset for executing steps on the long haul toward fruition.

Over at A Better You Blog, Patricia asks: What is your it? Do you want it? Are you determined? Will you dedicate your energy and focus towards it?
She too is asking us to find our Big-I Intention. And she has four steps to help us get there.

Intentions work both ways – positive and negative. Usually our negative intentions are unconscious, though not always. Steve Johnson at the Fast Lane gives us this quick look into what could be possible if we turn our unconscious, negative intentions into conscious positive ones. I just KNEW that would happen.

Over at The Mindful Entrepreneur, Jason provides an insightful look into the Intention-Manifestation model:

Addendum: A few days after the release of this Carnival Steve Pavlina published this entry on Manifesting Intentions Without Resistance. It’s an extremely powerful look at the ways in which our fears sabotage our work with the Law of Attraction and tools for shifting those fears.
That’s it for this edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival. If you’d like to view past editions you can find them at the Law of Attraction Carnival Homepage. That’s also where you’ll find information about upcoming editions and submission guidelines.

Our next edition will be out on Thanksgiving Tuesday (November 28th) and surprisingly enough will focus on Gratitude.

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      4 Responses to “Law of Attraction Carnival # 6: The Power of Intention”

      1. Evolving Times » Carnival Addendum: Steve Pavlina on Intention and Resistance on November 20th, 2006 2:54 pm

        […] I’ve also added this entry to last week’s Law of Attraction Carnival on the Power of Intention. […]

      2. Azhar on July 11th, 2007 4:07 am

        Do children, babies, and/or animals put out intentions?

        No. Your own body doesn’t even put out intentions — only your consciousness does. You’re the only one who has intentions, so what takes precedence is what YOU intend for the children, babies, and animals in your reality. Every thought is an intention, so however you think about the other beings in your reality is what you’ll eventually manifest for them. Keep in mind that beliefs are hierarchical, so if you have a high order belief that reality is random and unpredictable and out of your control, then that intention will trump other intentions of which you’re less certain. It’s your entire collection of thoughts that dictates how your reality manifests.


      3. Bob on April 13th, 2008 8:08 am

        A “Solid Hold” on an intention, something that you KNOW you are going to achieve, is all that it takes …as long as you take instinctive actions towards that intention. If you DECIDE that something is going to be so – it will eventually become so. That is why persistence is so important to any goal.

        As Will Smith (famous actor) says on my website…
        “Just Decide – what it’s gonna be, who you’re gonna be, how you’re gonna do it. Just decide – and the Universe is gonna get out your way!…”

      4. sharon eiffel on June 22nd, 2008 8:17 pm

        True, there is nothing more empowering than knowing that we can change our circumstances in any given moment. Discovering the power of our thoughts has certainly been life changing for me. I am glad to have discovered this and am very thankful for the classic book, The Science of Getting Rich!

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