Pre-Pave Your Way To Financial Freedom Using The Law Of Attraction

My wife and I are scrambling to find coverage for Ella tomorrow. On Thursday, we’re leaving for 11-days, and Melissa and I both have work we need to finish before leaving. Ella’s pre-school is closed on Wednesday and her two regular babysitters are unavailable and two of her “aunties” are out of town leaving us with few options.

On Monday, I noticed myself feeling a great deal of anxiety about the prospect of not finding coverage for Wednesday. I started to spin out into dire scenarios of working all night Tuesday and Wednesday and leaving blearing eyed and overwhelmed on Thursday.

This feeling, as you might imagine, is not a conducive vibrational offering for attracting a positive outcome.

This morning, Tuesday, at my office, feeling a bit more grounded but still flustered, I was preparing my tea before sitting down to write when the following question popped into my head: “How would someone who was financially free feel right now?”

It was a good question because it not only helped me shift my feeling in the moment, but it also helped clarify and expand my definition and understanding of the concept of financial freedom.

Before this question came up this morning, my vision of financial freedom was almost exclusively linked to matters of money. But in the case of finding childcare for Ella, money has nothing to do with the outcome or my feelings. Financial freedom would not change the fact that all the people we have called on to watch Ella are unavailable.

What would change is my relationship to my work. Being financially free, I would be working for the joy, for the fulfillment, for the sense of purpose, and for the connection with others. Income would be far down on the list of reasons for working. While I get that now on an intellectual level – I write and teach and coach because I love it – I still feel the “need” to generate income from my work.

As I sat, sipping my tea, pondering that question, I was able to feel for a moment the freedom – in many areas of life – that is possible when you step into financial freedom. That feeling, from that one simple question, took my understanding of financial freedom to a much deeper level.

If you are moving in the direction of financial freedom I encourage you to flesh out your understanding of the concept for it has far-reaching effects that go way beyond the financial realm. The more fully you can embrace the vision and feeling of financial freedom, the faster you will arrive there in this physical realm.

You might want to consider listening to this 17-minute guided visualization on financial freedom.

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