The Law of Attraction Is a Tricksy Friend

Most of us have had a friend or two that play little jokes on us and/or tease us a bit? These friends are very useful. They take on the role of the court jester: when we start taking ourselves too seriously, they always seem to be right there to remind us of our humanness and failability.

At times we might wonder if these friends really are friends. But when we look back at those times with perspective, it is clear that their teasing pokes and prods served to move us in a positive direction.

I’m beginning to look at the Law of Attraction as just such a friend. Here’s what I mean.

The hair dresser I’ve been using for over two years has started losing her touch. When I first went to her, she gave a great, fast, convenient and affordable haircut. But in the last few months I have begun to feel like her cuts have not been the same quality. When I go in to get a cut she seems distracted and not as engaged in the process as before and I leave feeling slightly disappointed with the quality of the cut.

So recently, I’ve been considering switching stylists. The problem is that her shop is one block away from my office. I walk by almost everyday. How would I explain to her that I had switched stylists when I inevitably ran into her after getting my haircut somewhere eles? I was struggling with the decision. I wanted good haircuts, but I loved the convenience of her location, her availability, and her price.

So, I decided to give her one more shot. One day, walking back to the office after lunch, I stopped by the shop to see if she had any openings that afternoon.

When I opened the door there was another woman there. When I asked if Carol was there, she said, “No. Carol moved to St. Croix. I bought the shop from her.”

Ask and it is given!

I hadn’t been asking for Carol to move to the Islands. I had been asking for a way out of my relationship with her. The Universe provided a pretty clear way out!

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