Why Bother Posting On Thanksgiving?

Last night as we were packing for our big adventure I mentioned to Melissa that I had scheduled several posts to go out while we’re gone and that I hope to write a few real-time entries while we’re there. She responded, “Do you think anyone’s even going to notice if you miss a few posts around Thanksgiving?” “Probably not.” I replied and went to bed secure in the fact that the vast majority of people here in the states would be focusing more on turkey and stuffing than on personal growth blog entries.

But this morning I awoke with a clear “D’oh!” The readers of this blog are not only from the US. I haven’t really been paying attention to the specific numbers of visitors from other countries, so I just checked my stats to get a better sense. My stats package doesn’t break it down by visitors, only by page views. As of this morning there were about 9200 page views from US computers and almost 3300 page views from computers outside the US. That means more than 30% of the people reading Evolving Times are doing so from outside the US.

And, on this day of giving thanks, here in the states, I truly do offer my deep gratitude to you for your presence here.

It’s interesting for me to notice how easy it was for me to get caught in the US-centric thinking that so permeates this country. I consider myself a fairly progressive, open-minded person, and yet, I did not give a second thought to my immediate acceptance of the fact that no one would be reading blog entries today.

The Internet, in general, and, more specifically, the blogosphere, are major players in the accelerating creation of a global community. When I sit at my desk in Northern California, the words I post are available instantly to anyone in the world – anyone with Internet Access.

With some notable exceptions, the blogosphere is truly a borderless culture. In my opinion, this virtual realm is providing us with a clear taste of where we are heading in the physical world.

We are all one. In more ways than any of us can imagine. And the blogosphere is paving the way to the inevitable borderless global culture that we are collectively co-creating.

So my apologies for all of you readers out there from non-US countries. I will not take you for granted again. I promise.

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