A Simple New Year’s Eve Ritual


For many people, New Year’s Eve is a time for champagne, confetti, dancing and a headache in the morning. For most of my life, this occasion held very little attraction. Even, or perhaps especially, the time I spent the night shivering and overwhelmed by the crowd in Time’s Square, I have felt very little connection to our culture’s rituals for this holiday.

But for perhaps the past ten years, I have found a way to make New Year’s Eve an occasion to enjoy and remember. Occasionally alone, more often with friends, I have participated in a New Year’s ritual that has much more attraction and meaning for me.

It is a simple ritual, one that can be done even at a raucous party. There are only two steps;

1. Acknowledge and release what you do not want to bring with you into the New Year,
2. Acknowledge, clarify and open yourself to receive those things you want to call into your life in the New Year.

For instance, you might want to release a non-supportive belief such as If I put too much attention on getting rich it means I’m greedy, or a self-sabotaging pattern such as promising to do things and not following through.

Things you might want to call into your life could be: A new job or career, a new relationship, more money, a tropical vacation or a child. Be careful with that last one. My wife and I, independently, called a child into our life on New Year’s Eve four years ago. Melissa was pregnant less than 6-weeks later!

The specifics of the ritual are up to you.

It can be as simple as first creating a clear image of the things you are releasing and taking some time to feel them leaving your body and your life and then creating an equally, or even clearer, image and feeling of the things you are calling into your life in the New Year.

This ritual can also be quite involved. Two years ago we had a crowd of almost 40 people crammed into a friend’s house. As a group, we took the time to create sacred space by calling in the four-directions, the elements, and the Ancestors. Then three of us drummed while the entire group sang. One-by-one we each went to the fireplace and offered our intentions to the fire.

I can assure you that a group ritual such as this amplifies your intentions dramatically. But you don’t need forty people to create a powerful ritual. I have done solitary New Year’s rituals that have been equally powerful. My wife and I have performed a New Year’s ritual on our own that was life-transforming.

When it comes to ritual, the point is not how large a group. The point is not the specific things you do. It really comes down to intention and commitment.

When I studied ritual with Malidoma Some and Francis Weller, before every ritual they would remind us to Spend it all. What they meant was that the more we put into the ritual the more we would get from it.

When you empty yourself fully in ritual space, there is more space to be filled up with new energy and more of the positive intentions that you are calling in.

So if you choose to do a ritual tonight or in the days following this New Year’s Eve, see if you can “spend it all.” Empty yourself fully of those beliefs, thoughts and actions that no longer serve you so that you can be completely filled by the new beliefs, thoughts and actions that will support you in the coming year.

However you spend this evening, I wish you a safe and joyous New Year’s Eve.

And may 2007 be a year of ever-expanding joy, peace and abundance.

Dreaming Big Living Large In 2007

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Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Albert Einstein

“I’m going to be an astronaut.” “I’m going to be a movie star.” “I’m going to be the President.” “I’m going to own a chocolate factory!”

What were your childhood dreams?

We still have the ability to dream big, no matter how old or young, no matter where we live, and no matter what our family believed and taught us to believe. However, most of us need to clear the cobwebs off our imagination. And that’s just what I’m going to encourage you to do.

Why is dreaming so important anyway? Dreams play a significant role in determining the expansiveness or constrictiveness of life. You’ve heard of the “glass ceiling.” Dreams are the glass ceiling we create for our own life. We can create a ceiling just above our head or somewhere out at the edge of the Milky Way!

Michelangelo said, “The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has.”

Your life is the marble and it holds the form of every thought you, the artist, have. If you’re thoughts are small and constrictive, your life holds small, constrictive forms. If your thoughts are grand and expansive those are the forms your life holds!

When that glass ceiling is very low, it’s often because we’ve allowed our dreams to be created for us, either by others or by our unconscious mind. Have you ever met someone who chose their career because their parents “suggested” it? I was inches away from enrolling in law school and following in the footsteps of my father.

Do you know anyone who stays at a job they hate because it pays the bills?

Think about your own life. How much space do you have to dream before you hit your glass ceiling? How big can you dream?

Your imagination needs to be used regularly or it will atrophy. In the same way that you keep your heart and lungs healthy by walking, or your biceps strong by lifting weights, you need to exercise your dream muscle to keep it in good shape. But before you can really begin working out your dream muscle, you need to know what gets in the way.

All of us carry limiting beliefs. Some we may be aware of. Others may lie hidden beneath the radar of our awareness. Read through the following list of beliefs slowly. Ask yourself if any of them seem familiar. Notice how you feel when you read each one. If your body reacts with anxiety or fear – fast heart-rate, shallow breathing, tightness in the chest or solar plexus, etc. – you may have discovered a limiting belief that has been hidden within you.

  • I don’t have enough money to do. . .
  • I don’t have enough education.
  • I don’t have the credentials
  • I’m not smart enough.
  • It will never pay the bills.
  • It’s never been done before so it probably can’t be done.
  • It’s greedy, or selfish.
  • It’s not spiritual enough.
  • It’s too risky.
  • People will think I’m crazy.
  • I don’t have any extra time.
  • Some people might be hurt if I do it.
  • I might mess it up, or do it wrong.

This is just a small sampling of the limiting beliefs available for our use. There are hundreds of them, and thousands of variations. Whatever they sound like, whatever form they take, whatever specific words they use, limiting beliefs have but one purpose and that is to keep you small, to prevent you from dreaming big.

Now that you’re aware of some of the limiting beliefs that hold you back, for at least the next few minutes – and hopefully a lot longer than that – I’m going to encourage you to let go of those beliefs and allow yourself to imagine the biggest dream you possibly can.

Let go of all the “yeah buts.” Let yourself drift back to that uninhibited dreaming space you had as a child. We’re not concerned about whether or not these dreams ever come true. Right now we just want to rekindle the dreaming ability.

Take a moment now and enter your dream world and begin to imagine your life in 5-years. Let go of the rationalizations. Remember, you’re dreaming, tapping into your imagination, creating a vision of your ideal life. So if you want to dream yourself into a vacation home in Hawaii, don’t worry about how much it will cost or where the money will come from. If you want to dream yourself into a new career, don’t worry about your lack of education, or your age, or an economic downturn. If you want to dream yourself into the perfect relationship, don’t worry that you are currently single. You are imagining, dreaming, visioning. Let go of constraints, fears doubts. Let go of limiting beliefs. Have fun. Play!

If you’re stuck, some questions to ask about your life five years from now are: Where am I living? What is my vocation? Am I married? Do I have children? What kind of car do I drive? What is my health like? What do I do for fun? Where do I travel?

As you explore this vision, make sure to bring in the feelings. In five-years, how do you feel when you wake up in the morning? How do you feel when you are working, playing, traveling. As you feel into your life, you may begin to get glimpses of what this ideal life looks like. If so, let yourself drift deeper into those glimpses. Let yourself explore the scenes that are lit up in your imagination.

And if you’re still having trouble, try creating the ideal life for a fictional character. Become the author of this character’s life. Make it a really juicy life! What would their dream life look like 5-years from now? It’s likely that parts of the life you create for them are what you would like to have in your own.

Still having trouble dreaming? Here are some other ideas: Make a dream life collage. Ask a good friend to brainstorm your ideal life with you. Look around you at other people and pick out parts of their lives that appeal to you.

The idea here is to begin exercising your dreaming and imagination muscles. Many of us have allowed these muscles to atrophy through years of focusing most of our attention on our doing muscles.

So between now and the end of the year, take some time to dream, to envision, to imagine. As you come up with details of your ideal life, write them down. And keep your notes somewhere visible so you can add to it, change it, allow it to grow and morph as you settle more fully into your ability to dream big.

And, as we all step into bigger dreams and more expansive lives, we can make 2007 the year of dreaming big and living large.

Why My Blog Headlines Suck And How I Can Improve Them


I began writing this entry way back in October after I added the “Best Of Evolving Times” section to the sidebar. As soon as I launched that new feature, it became painfully clear just how bad my headlines are.

During the month-long process of researching and writing this article I came to the conclusion that I had improved my headlines enough that I did not need to post this entry. But then, along came 9rules and my post yesterday about Problogger’s latest group writing project.

Both of these have clearly pointed out just how critical it is to have headlines that stand out in the sometimes very large crowd as well as pointing out that, while my headlines have certainly improved, they have not done so to the level I would like.

So in the spirit of continuous improvement I have decided to post this entry and continue using these techniques to improve my headlines.

First let’s have a bit of a chuckle and look at just how bad some of my early blog headlines are and why!

Many of them don’t clearly, if at all, tell potential readers what the topic of the article is: The Old Interior Angel, A Good Day To Die. Unless you’re very familiar with David Whyte, you won’t recognize the first title as a reference to one of his poems. And while a few people may have heard the phrase “A good day to die,” they’ll have to do some pretty good guessing to get what my entry is about.

Some of my headlines may qualify as “witty” but very few are truly funny enough to create a clickability factor: I Like To Watch, Don’t Feed The Animals. Only die-hard Peter Sellers fans will get the first one. And the second one will probably make people think of the zoo…Wrong answer! Let’s face it; unless you’re Seth Godin, http://sethgodin.typepad.com/ you probably can’t get away with having witty headlines that don’t tell you a heck of a lot about what’s in the post. And I’m certainly not Seth Godin!

A few of my headlines have a “heavy” feeling even though the entry itself, while addressing a heavy issue, does so with lightness: Life On Hold: The Weight Of Death, No Time To Grieve. Heaviness, in my experience, is never a great seller. A much better headline strategy would be to find the light within the heaviness and focus on that.

And most of my headlines lack good keywords/tags: Into the Mystic at Harbin Hot Springs (actually, there were at least 4 visitors to the site that used “Harbin Hot Springs” in their search) Caution: Singing Driver Or Tears of Joy Ahead (again there were a couple of searches on Caution Singing Driver). I guess you never know what people are going to use in their searches.

The point is that most of my headlines are not compelling enough to stand out in the crowd.

Regular readers of the site probably aren’t bothered so much by the headlines. They know that they’re going to get value from the entries.

But new readers, and people seeing these headlines in search results, feed readers, technorati, etc., don’t yet have personal knowledge of my writing. So they need some extra coaxing.

That coaxing has to come from the headline.

So how do I intend to improve my headlines? Here are a few of my thoughts. And, in case you’re wondering, I freely and appreciatively credit many of these ideas to Brian Clark at Copyblogger.com. Here’s a link directly to his “headlines” category with 14 (as of the time of this entry) great entries on blog headlines. http://www.copyblogger.com/category/headlines/

Here, then, are the strategies for improving my headlines:

Write the headlines first:

Before embarking on this headline improvement campaign I had a file with the name “topics for evolving times posts.” I’ve changed the name of that file to “titles for evolving times posts” and have already started a list of titles. Here are just a few of the upcoming entry titles. (Don’t hold your breath though, as there is absolutely no telling when I may get to these).

  • Why My Blog Titles Suck And How To Improve Them (That’s this one).
  • Ten Secrets of Personal Growth: Lessons From the Masters
  • How to Avoid Fundamentalist Thinking: Five Keys to Remaining Open Minded
  • Blog Carnivals: Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Shoot Them
  • How Much Are You Worth? Breaking Through Your Internal Glass Ceiling
  • Why You Will Never See a RANT Category At Evolving Times

Write at least ten versions of each headline:

I think I remember hearing Lorrie-Morgan Ferraro once say that she writes at least 100 headlines for her projects. I could see doing that for an important sales page or email campaign. For blog entries that are, hopefully, coming fast and furious, I feel that ten variations is probably enough to find a good one.

  • Here are the ten headlines I came up with for this one:
  • Why my blog headlines suck and how to improve them
  • Why my blog titles stink and how to make them better.
  • Better Blog Titles Mean More Visitors
  • Want better blog headlines? Learn from the pros.
  • Want better blog headlines? Don’t copy me.
  • Why my blog headlines suck and how I can improve them
  • Four steps to better blog headlines
  • Read this and write blog headlines like Brian Clark
  • Why Seth Godin can get away with bad headlines
  • Blog headlines matter: Here’s how I’ll make mine better

Of course the problem is that once you have ten headlines you have to choose one. Not always an easy task. For this entry I went with clear, to the point, and just a bit edgy (for this blog anyway): Why my blog headlines suck and how I can improve them.

Experiment using proven headline formats:

Brian Clark says it far better than I could. Check out: http://www.copyblogger.com/headline-swipe-file/ and

Include targeted keywords in my headlines:

For Evolving Times, keywords/phrases that I am targeting include: personal growth, Law of Attraction, Intention, The Secret, Consciousness, Abundance, etc. Whenever possible I’ll plug a keyword/phrase into my headline. Two things to remember though:

First, the entry must provide a payoff for searchers who found it using that phrase. If I have a headline with Abundance in the title and the entry is not primarily focused on abundance I have turned off a whole bunch of potential readers.

Second: You really never know what people are going to search on. For a long time, one of the most searched on phrases for Evolving Times was “This too shall pass” and all it’s various permutations. It linked to a short little entry from long ago. So I’ll continue to trust my intuition and use random phrases on occasion to see what unexpected phrases might lead people to Evolving Times.

Those are all the ideas that I’ve come up with for improving my blog headlines. I’m very open to suggestions and would love to hear your thoughts. What tips do you have for me? How can I make my headlines even better for you? Because, ultimately, better headlines make it easier for you to find the perfect Evolving Times entry.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Why Blog Headlines Matter


Darren Rowse at Problogger hosted the final Group Writing Project of the year last week. I have no idea how many entries there were. Let’s just call it “a lot” and leave it at that! You can view the entire list below. Clearly, the only way to get noticed in this list is to have a great headline. I don’t.

My headline, Evolving Times: The Year In Review, has appeal only to those who know Evolving Times. And even then, it’s sort of…”yawn.”

The idea of the group writing project is to get the list and begin reading through the entries and pick your top ten. Well, I sure have not had extra time to read through very many of these entries.

So I’ve decided to pick out the ten best headlines, according to me!

I make absolutely no claims about the content of the entries, although, in my experience, folks that write good headlines usually write good content as well.

Here are my top ten thirteen titles from the Problogger Group Writing Project. Enjoy:

To Think a Lost Cell Phone Started it all by Mama Duck

5 Technology Discoveries That Changed My Business in 2006 by Desiree Scales

The Biggest Blogging Mistake I Made In 2006 by George

The Year in Review: The Best Websites You’ve Never Visited (and some you have) by Erin

Only You Can Write Your Life’s Coming Attractions by Tony

How I Made It Through 2006 As A Newbie Blogger Without Losing The Rest of My Hair by Robert

I’ll blog naked throughout 2007 by Andréa

Fart Queen and Other Princess Stories – Year End Review by E.B

2006 Was a Very Good Year to be a Willie Nelson Fan by Linda

Six Moments That Changed My Foodie Life in 2006 by Sarina Nicole

Saving the Planet One Lunch Break at a Time by Lorna
And in case you want to create your own top ten list, here are the rest of the entries. You’ll also notice, down at the bottom, a list of all the folks that donated prizes to the project. Definitely check out those sites!

The Prizes

Law of Attraction Carnival # 9: The Art of Allowing

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Welcome to the 9th edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival. It’s appropriate that we’re closing out 2006 with the 9th edition of the Carnival – the number of completion.

I sure have had fun watching this Law of Attraction Carnival grow and evolve from the first edition on August 22nd through this final edition of the year. It has been wonderful to welcome new bloggers and also to connect with and get to know some truly inspiring bloggers on the leading edge of thought.

As I mentioned in the previous Law of Attraction Carnival, and on the Law of Attraction Carnival Homepage, now that I’ve created and guided this carnival for the past nine editions, and we’re moving into a new year, I am ready to release the Law of Attraction Carnival and let it fly out into the blogosphere… with a little help from my friends, of course.

So if you are interested in hosting a future edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival, please let me know. You can use the contact form at the link above.

And now, without further ado (I’ve always liked that phrase even though I have absolutely no idea what it means!) let’s begin this final Law of Attraction Carnival for 2006.

The topic of this edition is The Art of Allowing. Let’s see what wonderful insights we have in this round.

Let’s begin the featured entries section of the Carnival with entries from two regular contributors. Both Patricia, at A Better You Blog, and Raymond David Salas, at Zen Chill, have been regular contributors to the Law of Attraction Carnival from the very start.

And not only do they write excellent and insightful entries, but they also clearly read the guidelines for the Law of Attraction Carnival and submit entries related to the specific edition topic. I love it when that happens!

Let’s start with Patricia at A Better You Blog. She wrote the entry, Let It Get To You, that offers insights and tips to help you increase your ability to receive. Here are just two of her many suggestions:

  • When someone smiles, smile back. Enjoy the kindness of strangers.
  • If a friend listens to you, or shows you kindness, embrace it.

Over at Zen Chill, Raymond has posted this entry on The Power of Forgiveness. When he submitted this carnival entry he wrote: “Forgiveness can be key in practicing the Art of Allowing.” This is so true. As David writes in the entry: “To forgive does not mean that you condone, agree with, or give your approval to anyone or anything. Rather, it is a powerful acknowledgment to yourself that ‘I am willing to let this go. I am willing to move forward in my life.'”

When you forgive and are willing to move forward in your life, you are much more equipped to practice the Art of Allowing.

And then we have Maria Yu, with a wonderful personal story about Christmas Gifts and Red Envelopes. Pay particular attention to the 6th paragraph in her entry. She retells a fable many of us have heard before, but it is a wonderful reminder about the importance of balancing our focus between giving and receiving.

That’s it for the featured entries for this edition. Here are the rest of the entries from this short holiday edition.

Brandon Peele presents The Economics of Self-Awareness posted at GT.

Shamelle presents Who Borrowed Your Time Today? posted at Enhance Life.

And I’ll throw one of my own entries into the ring. It’s my previous entry: Holiday Season Debrief – The Art of Allowing.

That’s it for this edition and this year! I want to thank all of you who have read, commented on and/or contributed to this Law of Attraction Carnival. I can’t wait to see where it goes in 2007!

You can read all of the past editions at the Law of Attraction Carnival Homepage.

Our next edition will be on Tuesday, January 9th and the topic for that edition will be Creative Visioning For The Best Year Yet!

Please send in your best entries on creative visioning. Remember, to be considered for the featured entries section, you must submit an entry that is on the specific topic.

Have a wonderful last few days of 2006. And may the coming year bring ever-expanding joy, peace and prosperity!

Holiday Season Debrief – The Art of Allowing


The holiday season is often referred to as “the season of giving.” We’re reminded of the importance of giving freely. There’s just one slight problem with having all of the focus on giving: Without an equal amount of receiving, the process just doesn’t work. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. If they are out of balance, you’ve got a very strange looking coin!

And it’s not just during this season that we focus on the giving side of that coin. One of our culture’s most powerful beliefs about money and material goods is, “It’s better to give than to receive.”

Why? What makes giving better? After all, if there’s no one to receive, there’s not going to be a whole lot of giving going on!

It’s interesting to note that the phrase “It’s better to give than to receive,” did not originate with the bible, as is most often suggested, but rather in ancient Greece. The correct translation of the Greek phrase was more along the lines of “It is better to be in a position where you are able to give, than to be in a position where you have to receive.”

[Author’s note: I have forgotten where I heard/read that and have not been able to find a source. So I may well be full of… But even if it’s not true, it sure does make a lot of sense to me. And I don’t know about you, but I sure like that meaning a lot better than the other one!]

Now before you start flooding the comments with, well, comments, I’m not going to tell you to stop giving. Giving is wonderful. Giving is natural. Giving connects you with your sense of abundance and gratitude.

But giving is just one side of the coin. And to get the most value out of that coin, the sides need to be in balance.

I love T. Harv Ecker’s declaration from the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book and seminars. I’ll paraphrase it here since I don’t have the book in front of me: “Universe, if there is anything good that you are attempting to send to someone, and they are not ready or willing to receive it, please send it to me. I am open, ready and willing to receive all of your bountiful blessings.”

In other words: “Bring it on!”

That is exactly why the Law of Attraction is so powerful: It’s about receiving. After all, the title of the Abraham-Hicks book is Ask And It Is Given.

Here’s the secret, though: The Law of Attraction is not about the “stuff.” The Law of Attraction is about aligning yourself with the boundless abundance and infinite possibilities that exist in this Universe.

The stuff is just a way of measuring how aligned, or not, you are with Source! When you are receiving great “stuff” into your life – money, cars, great friends, unexpected gifts – it is a sure sign that you are aligned with Source.

The Art of Allowing is the master skill for aligning with Source. So as you look back on this holiday season, here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine how you well you did at aligning with Source and Allowing its blessing into your life.

  • Did you give more gifts or receive more?
  • Was it easier for you to give or to receive?
  • Was it more fun/comfortable/exciting for you to watch others open their gifts, or to open your own?
  • Did you feel any embarrassment about opening your presents? Did you wish that you could open them up someone in private? Did you want to open your gifts first to “get it over with” or last so that everyone else would be distracted by their gifts?
  • Did you catch yourself “comparing” gifts? For instance, did you make calculations to see if the gift you gave someone was worth more or less than the gift they gave you?

There are no right or wrong answers. These questions are merely here to help you deepen your awareness about the Art of Allowing and point out possible opportunities for enhancing your ability to receive.

As we head into 2007, this is a wonderful time to set a clear intention to become a much better receiver. Perhaps we can come together and make 2007 the official Year of Allowing!

Living Life For The Sheer Joy Of It


Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.


I left the house early this Christmas Eve morning to get a hike in before jumping into the final preparations for this evening’s gathering at our house.

There’s one section of Highway 12 on the way out of Sebastopol that reminds me of images of the African Savannah. It’s a wide-open expanse of field dotted with Oak trees and flowing gently into rolling hills in the distance. This morning there was a thin shroud of fog sitting over this landscape and the sky was filled with streaks of puffy, orange, sun streaked clouds.

I kept sneaking glances over to the right, admiring this beautiful scene as I drove, sensing that the sun was getting closer and closer to the horizon and hoping that it would make its appearance before I drove into the section of road with thicker trees that would block the view.

And just as I was thinking how much I wanted to see the sun come up over the hills in the distance, I glanced over and there it was: The brilliant, deep orange half-circle of the sun seeming to sit on top of one of these hills in the distance.

I had never seen the sun rising with such clarity and intensity. The slight fog seemed to both mellow and intensify the sun simultaneously.

This sight was so visceral and so unexpected that it broke through the defenses of my mind and entered directly into my heart. This vision opened me to the joy of being alive.

Gratitude, joy and wonder filled me and tears filled my eyes.

It seems to me that these moments of uninhibited joy are more reflective of our natural state then the vast majority of our time. This joy is normal. This joy is why we have come to this life.

We spend so much of our time “getting by,” and handling the day-to-day tasks of our life, we don’t often give ourselves the time and space to experience these moments of pure joy.

That is why when moments such as this break through the clutter of our mind and our over-filled lives, they have such power.

In that moment, when I saw the sun, sitting there on the horizon, so beautiful, so inspiring, so unique, I understood – for the first time all over again – that these are the moments we are here for. These are the moments that cause us to say, “yes” to life.

And somehow this vision, this message, this experience, this saying “yes” to life ties in to this season. Because, whether you celebrate the turning of the Earth towards the light, or the birth of a great master, or the rededication of and gratitude for the miracle of light, this time of year is a time of re-birth, of re-awakening to our reason for being here in this life.

We have passed through the darkest time, the longest night, and are now heading back into the light. What better time of year than now, right now, to reconnect to the parts of us that want to say “Yes” to life. These positive parts are always saying Yes.

And in this season of joy and peace lets all take the time to practice saying “yes” more often.

Carnival of Healing #65 – Holiday Edition


Welcome to the Holiday edition of the Carnival of Healing. It’s been a while since I last hosted this Carnival, but as always, it is an honor to be hosting this carnival and all of the amazing entries.

With the Solstice behind us, Christmas in the air, and New Year’s Eve just around the bend, it seems appropriate to highlight a few carnival entries that focus on staying healthy – and sane – during this season..

The holidays can definitely be a time for celebration and joy. But, for many, they can also be a time of stress, overwhelm and exhaustion. I know that during this past week, I’ve found myself bouncing between the festive feelings of the season and the edge of overwhelm pressing in on me from the needs of year-end projects and tasks. I’ve noticed a few others, as well, around here that seem to be displaying some traits of this holiday-induced split personality disorder.

How do you stay connected to the positive feelings of the season? What tools do you have in place to disengage from the overwhelm, de-stress yourself and feel the joy?

One of my favorite things is to sing holiday songs. Yup, I’m a sucker for a good Christmas Carole. And when you think about it, it makes sense; most holiday songs are uplifting, focused on joy and peace and love. The songs at this time of year are, for me at least, a welcomed respite from the usual songs we hear throughout the year.

Now lets hear from our Carnival authors. I have a feeling you’re going to find some great tips for staying healthy and enjoying this holiday season fully!

First, Caroline Latham presents 5 Holiday Health Tips. From a 10-minute Spa Shower to Deep Breathing, these are simple, powerful tools to help you get through any stressful holiday obstacle that you might encounter.

Taking the time to look back on 2006 and ahead to 2007 can certainly help you ring in the New Year with clarity, focus and passion.

David, at the Glittering Muse, gives us this entry filled with wonderful Seasonal Poems, to help remind us of what is important this time of year. Poems are such powerful tools for keeping us out of our minds and anchoring us in our hearts – a wonderful place to be at this time of year!

And, in our final featured entry for this edition, I highly recommend that you head over to Zen Chill and read A Different Holiday Wish List by Raymond David Salas. David’s wish list serves to remind us all of what is truly important in this season, and at all times.
Now here are the best of the rest. All wonderful entries definitely worth a read.

Maria Yu presents Cost of Personal Development and Spiritual Growth.

Caroline Latham presents Two Feet of Free Therapy.

Vreni Gurd presents The Economics of Self-Awareness.

Aparna presents Tulsi (Basil) to cure skin problems.

Anna Farmery presents Widows Quest » Personal Reflection to Move from Survival to Living again.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Is Mental Health Overrated?

That’s it. I hope you have enjoyed this holiday edition of the Carnival of Healing.

And you can view the archives and volunteer to host a future edition at the Carnival of Healing homepage.

May this holiday season be filled with peace, joy, and abundance.

Simpleology 103 Preview

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Yesterday, Mark Joyner just sent out an announcement to Simpleology members that Simpleology 103: The Simple Science of Energy, will be available in mid-January.

It’s been a long time in the making, but if it’s anywhere near as powerful as Simpleology 101 and 102 it will have been well worth the wait.

Here is Mark’s little teaser for 103:

Simpleology 103 is coming – very soon.

Meanwhile, here is a little teaser …

My friend Tellman was on the brink of utter exhaustion.

This tasteless, odorless, legal white powder (that you can find
easily almost anywhere) made him “jacked” full of energy.

He said, “it was like flipping a switch!”

Athletes “in the know” swear by it.

What is it?

You have to read the report I prepared for you:

He’s good, isn’t he?

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Carnival Of Healing Entries Still Being Accepted

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As the host of tomorrow’s Carnival of Healing, I was supposed to put out a call for entries earlier this week. My apologies for not doing so.

Because of my lapse, I am going to extend the submission deadline through today. If you would still like to submit an entry for tomorrow’s carnival, you can still do so through the end of the day today. I am especially interested in entries that focus on healing and self-care during the holidays.
In order to facilitate the submission process, please use the Law of Attraction Carnival submission form and add a note in the “Remarks” box that you are submitting for the Carnival of Healing.

Please note that if you have already submitted an entry through the Carnival of Healing submission form, you do NOT need to resubmit. Phylameana has forwarded all of the entries to me.

Thanks and tune in tomorrow for the Carnival of Healing!

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