A Simple New Year’s Eve Ritual

For many people, New Year’s Eve is a time for champagne, confetti, dancing and a headache in the morning. For most of my life, this occasion held very little attraction. Even, or perhaps especially, the time I spent the night shivering and overwhelmed by the crowd in Time’s Square, I have felt very little connection to our culture’s rituals for this holiday.

But for perhaps the past ten years, I have found a way to make New Year’s Eve an occasion to enjoy and remember. Occasionally alone, more often with friends, I have participated in a New Year’s ritual that has much more attraction and meaning for me.

It is a simple ritual, one that can be done even at a raucous party. There are only two steps;

1. Acknowledge and release what you do not want to bring with you into the New Year,
2. Acknowledge, clarify and open yourself to receive those things you want to call into your life in the New Year.

For instance, you might want to release a non-supportive belief such as If I put too much attention on getting rich it means I’m greedy, or a self-sabotaging pattern such as promising to do things and not following through.

Things you might want to call into your life could be: A new job or career, a new relationship, more money, a tropical vacation or a child. Be careful with that last one. My wife and I, independently, called a child into our life on New Year’s Eve four years ago. Melissa was pregnant less than 6-weeks later!

The specifics of the ritual are up to you.

It can be as simple as first creating a clear image of the things you are releasing and taking some time to feel them leaving your body and your life and then creating an equally, or even clearer, image and feeling of the things you are calling into your life in the New Year.

This ritual can also be quite involved. Two years ago we had a crowd of almost 40 people crammed into a friend’s house. As a group, we took the time to create sacred space by calling in the four-directions, the elements, and the Ancestors. Then three of us drummed while the entire group sang. One-by-one we each went to the fireplace and offered our intentions to the fire.

I can assure you that a group ritual such as this amplifies your intentions dramatically. But you don’t need forty people to create a powerful ritual. I have done solitary New Year’s rituals that have been equally powerful. My wife and I have performed a New Year’s ritual on our own that was life-transforming.

When it comes to ritual, the point is not how large a group. The point is not the specific things you do. It really comes down to intention and commitment.

When I studied ritual with Malidoma Some and Francis Weller, before every ritual they would remind us to Spend it all. What they meant was that the more we put into the ritual the more we would get from it.

When you empty yourself fully in ritual space, there is more space to be filled up with new energy and more of the positive intentions that you are calling in.

So if you choose to do a ritual tonight or in the days following this New Year’s Eve, see if you can “spend it all.” Empty yourself fully of those beliefs, thoughts and actions that no longer serve you so that you can be completely filled by the new beliefs, thoughts and actions that will support you in the coming year.

However you spend this evening, I wish you a safe and joyous New Year’s Eve.

And may 2007 be a year of ever-expanding joy, peace and abundance.

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