Dream Interpretation And The Law Of Attraction

Do you pay attention to your dreams? In the book, Ask And It Is Given, one of the “processes” is Evaluating Dreams. According to Abraham-Hicks, Dreams are a reflection of our deeper levels of attraction and may provide a glimpse into what we are in the process of manifesting.

This morning I woke from a dream in which I was the guest conductor of an orchestra performing a Beethoven Sonata. All was going well until the moment I was about to step up to the podium and realized I had never conducted an orchestra, had no idea how to read all of the complex lines of music, and had, in fact, never even heard this particular piece of music.

I was not prepared and couldn’t even fake it. So I did what any unprepared guest conductor would do…I went to the bathroom!

Of course, that only made things worse as it gave me time to explore the full depth of my situation and realize exactly how far up the creek I had gotten myself.

I don’t often remember my dreams with such clarity, so this morning, I took some time to evaluate this dream. Here’s what I came up with.

The obvious interpretation is that I need to prepare more. There is definitely truth to this. I am excellent at “winging it” I have, at times, put off developing curriculum for classes until the last day. This is an example of taking “ready, fire, aim” to the extreme. (The interesting thing is that some of my best classes have been almost completely spontaneous. Go figure!)

While the value the students receive from these last minute classes is still quite high, I know that I could provide even more value by preparing more fully.

On a more symbolic level we need to look at the word Sonata. I didn’t realize this when I woke up, but Sonatas, at least Beethoven’s, are works for solo instruments not for orchestras (music scholars, let’s not quibble over Sonata vs. Sonata Form). Many of Beethoven’s Sonatas were sketches or previews of his orchestral works. Many of the musical themes from his Sonatas show up in later works.

So in the dream, I was preparing to conduct a complete orchestra in a work for a single musician. Here’s my initial interpretation of this symbolism.

I have most of my “inner musicians” in place and they are ready and waiting to perform together. But I still insist on being one of the musicians. It’s more comfortable for me to blend in with the musicians than it is to stand up on the podium and lead the orchestra.

The message of this interpretation is that, as one of the musicians in this orchestra, I can only play a single instrument at a time. Sure, I can do that quite well, and create beautiful music. But if I step up to the conductor’s podium, I have the power to weave the music from all of these instruments together into a great symphony.

If, as Abraham-Hicks contends, this dream is an indication and preview of what is manifesting in my life, clearly, it is time for me to step up to the podium.

As I do so, it will be important for me to keep the other lesson in mind: be fully prepared so that when the time comes to take the stage, I will be ready.

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