Evolving Times: The Year In Review

In January, Evolving Times will be one-year-old. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing this for a full year. Seems like… well, I suppose it actually seems much shorter. The last few months, especially, have just flown by.

I was planning to do a year in review post next week, but Darren’s request for submissions to the latest Problogger group writing project moved this entry up in the queue.

Without a doubt, 2006 has been a transformational year for Evolving Times. Beginning life in January as a place to archive my ezine articles, ET has evolved into a full-fledged blog!

While numbers and stats don’t give a complete picture, they do provide some insight into the journey. So here are a few statistical observations from this year:

I’ve watched the post count grow from the underwhelming beginnings of one entry each in January and February, through a false start in March when I committed to posting one entry a day, to the fairly impressive 39, to me anyway, entries in November. This entry brings the total number of entries on ET to 163! That even surprised me.

When I first discovered Technorati, Evolving Times was ranked around 1,000,000 (yes that’s one-million!) with no incoming links. Now, less than one-year later it’s at around 60,000 with well over 100 incoming links.

Traffic has grown from a start of zero visitors in January to a December that’s on track for more than 4,000 unique visitors. Most of that growth has come since August when something clicked and the pieces fell into place for me and Evolving Times.

A quick look at the archives page shows the growth of the blog in very graphical terms.

The year was really capped off one week ago with Evolving Times’ acceptance into the 9rules network. What a validating way to end the year!

More than numbers and benchmarks, though, this year has been a time for finding and refining my voice as a blogger. Having published an ezine since 2004, it took some time to get my bearings in the blogosphere. Writing a blog is definitely not the same as writing an ezine.

I’m continuing to find what works here in the blogosphere. Sometimes I get it right, and other times… well, I just don’t!

But that’s the beauty of blogging. It’s a place to experiment. If it doesn’t work, you get to try something new the next day – or even the next minute!

Your comments have been a great help to me. When I hear from you, it helps me understand what you want. Sure, I’m writing because I love it, but without you, I might as well be sending these entries out into a vast empty space.

So keep those comments coming. Let me know what you like, what you want more of, and what you could do without.

As we head into 2007, I feel like I’m just starting to hit my stride. I’ve found a posting frequency that feels sustainable. I’ve got a bunch of ideas for Evolving Times including the possibility of adding a blog or two to my corner of the blogosphere. More on that later.

Most of all 2006 has been a year of deep gratitude for all the support, encouragement and assistance I have received during this first year in the blogosphere. It seems that the people who hang out in this leading edge environment are a pretty cool group. I suppose you have to be pretty cool to spend many hours a week writing and sharing your ideas and yourself with the world…all for free!

I am truly looking forward to the continuing evolution of Evolving Times in 2007 and watching the continuing evolution of the blogosphere.

I sure hope you’ll continue to be here with me!