Holiday Season Debrief – The Art of Allowing

The holiday season is often referred to as “the season of giving.” We’re reminded of the importance of giving freely. There’s just one slight problem with having all of the focus on giving: Without an equal amount of receiving, the process just doesn’t work. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. If they are out of balance, you’ve got a very strange looking coin!

And it’s not just during this season that we focus on the giving side of that coin. One of our culture’s most powerful beliefs about money and material goods is, “It’s better to give than to receive.”

Why? What makes giving better? After all, if there’s no one to receive, there’s not going to be a whole lot of giving going on!

It’s interesting to note that the phrase “It’s better to give than to receive,” did not originate with the bible, as is most often suggested, but rather in ancient Greece. The correct translation of the Greek phrase was more along the lines of “It is better to be in a position where you are able to give, than to be in a position where you have to receive.”

[Author’s note: I have forgotten where I heard/read that and have not been able to find a source. So I may well be full of… But even if it’s not true, it sure does make a lot of sense to me. And I don’t know about you, but I sure like that meaning a lot better than the other one!]

Now before you start flooding the comments with, well, comments, I’m not going to tell you to stop giving. Giving is wonderful. Giving is natural. Giving connects you with your sense of abundance and gratitude.

But giving is just one side of the coin. And to get the most value out of that coin, the sides need to be in balance.

I love T. Harv Ecker’s declaration from the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book and seminars. I’ll paraphrase it here since I don’t have the book in front of me: “Universe, if there is anything good that you are attempting to send to someone, and they are not ready or willing to receive it, please send it to me. I am open, ready and willing to receive all of your bountiful blessings.”

In other words: “Bring it on!”

That is exactly why the Law of Attraction is so powerful: It’s about receiving. After all, the title of the Abraham-Hicks book is Ask And It Is Given.

Here’s the secret, though: The Law of Attraction is not about the “stuff.” The Law of Attraction is about aligning yourself with the boundless abundance and infinite possibilities that exist in this Universe.

The stuff is just a way of measuring how aligned, or not, you are with Source! When you are receiving great “stuff” into your life – money, cars, great friends, unexpected gifts – it is a sure sign that you are aligned with Source.

The Art of Allowing is the master skill for aligning with Source. So as you look back on this holiday season, here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine how you well you did at aligning with Source and Allowing its blessing into your life.

  • Did you give more gifts or receive more?
  • Was it easier for you to give or to receive?
  • Was it more fun/comfortable/exciting for you to watch others open their gifts, or to open your own?
  • Did you feel any embarrassment about opening your presents? Did you wish that you could open them up someone in private? Did you want to open your gifts first to “get it over with” or last so that everyone else would be distracted by their gifts?
  • Did you catch yourself “comparing” gifts? For instance, did you make calculations to see if the gift you gave someone was worth more or less than the gift they gave you?

There are no right or wrong answers. These questions are merely here to help you deepen your awareness about the Art of Allowing and point out possible opportunities for enhancing your ability to receive.

As we head into 2007, this is a wonderful time to set a clear intention to become a much better receiver. Perhaps we can come together and make 2007 the official Year of Allowing!

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      3 Responses to “Holiday Season Debrief – The Art of Allowing”

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      2. Mike Shea on December 27th, 2006 10:29 am

        I am a giver. In the past, it has been hard for me to receive. I am teaching myself when someone gives me a gift or compliment, I will hold my hand over my heart, say thank you thank you, and let my body absorb the love from that person or persons. It can be a simple card with a gift certificate for CD’s enclosed 🙂 Or, a coin on the ground that the Universe was waiting for me to pick up.
        Isn’t life great!

      3. Edward Mills on December 27th, 2006 8:32 pm

        Hi Mike

        I’m so glad that you’re learning how to receive more. Because you really are an incredible giver and I love seeing you come into balance!

        Life Rocks!


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