Law of Attraction Carnival # 8: General Roundup

Welcome to the December 12, 2006 edition of law of attraction. This edition is another General Roundup of Law of Attraction related entries.

And speaking of entries, wow… There were more than 25 submissions for this edition. Fortunately, or not, depending on your perspective, not all of them were directly related to the Law of Attraction. And since this carnival focuses specifically on the Law of Attraction, those entries will not be included.

Even with those entries gone, there were still so many submissions that I am going to use a slightly different format for this, and upcoming carnival editions. I will feature 3 – 5 of the my favorite entries in the opening section of the carnival (all of the entries are great, but each time, I have some personal favorites) and then link to the other entries down below.

Host the Law of Attraction Carnival

Also a quick head’s up to you bloggers out there interested in the Law of Attraction. Beginning with the January 23rd edition I am opening up the Law of Attraction Carnival to other hosts. I bring my own unique perspective to this carnival and think this will be a great way to get different perspectives on the Law of Attraction.

If there is enough interest in hosting, I may consider making it a weekly carnival. If you are interested, visit the Law of Attraction Carnival Homepage for more information.
And now, without further ado, here is today’s Law of Attraction Carnival starting with:

This Edition’s Featured Entries

Following up on our previous carnival edition on Gratitude, JT Chandler presents
The Power of Appreciation Meets the Law of Attraction
by Katie Mattson. Katie explains in very simple terms how gratitude leads to more of what we want. “Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and the Universe will present you with a dazzling array of fascinating people and delightful circumstances.” I don’t know about you, but I sure like the sound of that!

Over at Zen Chill, Raymond David Salas presents The Greatest Secret. He notes that:

According to Abraham-Hicks:

17 seconds = 2,000 hours of action taken
34 seconds = 20,000 hours of action taken
51 seconds = 200,000 hours of action taken
68 seconds = 2,000,000 hours of action taken

Wow! Find out more over at ZenChill.

Christine Kane is a relative newcomer to the Law of Attraction Carnival having submitted her first entry for the last edition. Her writing is consistently clear, inspiring and, best of all, fun! Her entry in this edition is Are You Leaking? Don’t know if you’re leaking… Christine says that “If you have absolutely zero idea what your ideal life would look like because every time you turn around some new clump of organic matter has hit the fan, and you’re just trying to get through it, then you could be leaking.” Find out more about these “leaks” and what to do about them over at Christine’s blog.

Another newcomer to this carnival – and to the blogosphere from the look of it – Matt Stone presents The Wildest of Rides. This is an excellent entry that explores the Law of Attraction and the polarities of our existence. He says, “The infinite wisdom that created our very existence manages a balance of highs and lows, male and female, spring and fall, darkness and light, birth and death, and gain and loss. Just like negative and positive ions, the pairs of opposites cannot exist without the other.” Read more at Your Sacred Self.

That’s it for this editions featured entries. Now on to the best of the rest.

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Slade presents Winning the War for What You Really Want posted at Shift Your Spirits – ezine.

larryb presents Inner self « What is the Law of Attraction posted at What is the Law of Attraction.

lorenzo presents The Source of All Illnesses posted at RealitySeeds.

Brandon Peele presents Pyramid of Life posted at GT.

Victor Fam presents Spreading the Personal Development Pixels posted at Victor Fam.

Athol Kay presents Advertise is to Renting as Blog is to Buying posted at The Real Estate Guide.

Deliberate Creation

Patricia presents Beat The Blues posted at A Better You Blog.


Talia Mana presents Affirmations as a tool to achieving goals: Do they… posted at Centre for Emotional Well-Being.

Matt OConnor presents Tapping Into The Unlimited Source posted at Matt James.

Maria Yu presents Light Language, Water and Manifestation posted at Life.

Conan Stevens presents Affirmation Statements – Most People Waste Their Time posted at Conan Stevens Online.

That’s it for this edition.

The next edition will be on December 26th. Yes, that’s the day after Christmas.

This edition will focus on The Art of Allowing. I’m especially interested in entries that explore the relationship of Giving and Receiving as well as tools to help people become better receivers.

To be considered for the featured entries spot you must submit your entry by Thursday December 21st.

Complete submission guidelines are available at the Law of Attraction Carnival Homepage.
Submit your blog article to the next edition of law of attraction using our carnival submission form.
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