Learn Gratitude From Every Source

I just received a wonderful thank you note from a woman that sublets my office Tuesday evenings for her Speaking Circles group. She has taught me so much about gratitude in the past few months.

On Wednesday mornings, when I come in to the office, there is almost always a little note waiting for me with some bit of appreciation. She has left apples from her garden and little pieces of chocolate.

These little gestures of appreciation always enhance my mood and bring a smile to face. It has been a consistent reminder to me of the power of appreciation.

The note she left for me after last night’s group captures the sweetness of her gratitude:

Dear Ed —

How eternally grateful I am to you for your kindness and generosity in sharing your space!

Thank you so very much for supporting me in developing my facilitation skills, but also in making this offering affordable for others. Low rent = low fees!

Many blessings


I know that I have a lot to learn about sharing my appreciation. And I am truly grateful to Sahara for being a wonderful model and teacher in the art of appreciation.