Time To Spread Our Wings And Fly

I’ve started re-reading The Artist’s Way At Work by Mark Bryan, Julia Cameron and Catherine Allen. It’s a specifically focused application of the tools from The Artist’s Way.

Last night I came across this chapter prologue that I feel compelled to share with you:

There once was a dragon that was lost at birth by its parents and raised among farm animals. It grew up to eat grass and walk the fields like other tame beasts.

One day an older dragon flew over the fields, breathing fire and scattering all the animals in the barnyard. The young dragon on the ground was fascinated and frozen in its tracks. The older dragon, spying its young cousin, swooped down, grabbed the younger one in its huge jaws and flew far up into the sky.

When they were so far up the houses looked like toys, the older dragon dropped the younger one from his mouth, causing him to fall screaming toward the ground. Then, just before the younger dragon would have been killed, the older dragon swooped down, caught him in his mouth, and returned him to the sky, where he promptly dropped him again.

This horrible fall happened several times before the young dragon, frightened and angry, finally spread his own wings and with a roar of fire, sailed high into the sky becoming – for the first time in his life – his real self.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all these terrifying drops. I’m ready to spread my wings and fly. I’m ready to hold my head high and let out an amazing roar. I’m ready to let the world see my true self!

What will it take for you to spread your wings and fly? What will it take for you to re-member your true nature, your real self, and share it with the world?

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      One Response to “Time To Spread Our Wings And Fly”

      1. darlene on September 23rd, 2007 5:11 pm

        nice story to ponder. thanks for sharing it.

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