Build Your Own Universe In 2007

Over the holidays I happened to hear a story on NPR about how it may be possible to actually build an entire Universe.

Apparently creating the conditions necessary to create a Universe is difficult but not impossible. A team of physicists is working on it right now.

You can read about the details and listen to the Build Your Own Universe story at the NPR site.

Before you head over there, though, think for a moment about the implications this has to our work with the Law of Attraction.

The term, “we create our reality” takes on a whole new meaning when we consider that it may be possible, in the not too distant future, to create entire Universes.

If we have the power to create an entire Universe, imagine what we can do with our own lives.

What kind of life are you going to create in 2007?

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      2 Responses to “Build Your Own Universe In 2007”

      1. Matt Stone on January 6th, 2007 3:57 pm

        I’ve always prided myself, like most of us, on my ability to serve others. Service, as we define it, isn’t always how it appears and every service we provide has a downside.

        This week my girlfriend’s friend is in town. Because my girlfriend needed to attend to some things — she couldn’t drop everything while she was in town. So I felt obligated to pick up the slack. I gave my time away to making sure that her trip to visit us was fantastic. We went places together, I took the time to be a great host, making delicious homemade meals, engaging in conversation, driving her all over the place, and going out of my way to see that she was happy — after all, the friend she came to visit was busy and it was obvious that she needed support from someone.

        The result is that she thought I was great and that her my girlfriend was selfish and ungrateful. I made her, by giving away everything in “kindness”, look like a bad friend. Relationships can be crumbed by the unconscious glorification of service to others. I’m making a commitment for the rest of the trip to not do anything for her, not give her one second of my time, and I anticipate a great healing for all of us — especially me who is breaking my illusory belief that service to others is more good than bad. I am perfect and worthy of love from myself and others no matter how much I serve — or don’t serve others. So are you. So is everyone. If you believe that service is wonderful, then you will judge yourself and others for the rest of your life based on how much service is given. It is a false illusion because it is impossible for there to be more giving than taking.

        I hope to post something more in depth soon to my blog to better describe the dynamics of situations like these in pursuit of the awakening of unconditional love. Check it out!

      2. Edward Mills on January 6th, 2007 5:17 pm

        Samacitta: Thanks for the link to your goal setting series. I’m looking forward to following the series.

        Matt: What an interesting experience for everyone involved. I applaud your ability to step back and perceive the situation with clarity is and I’m very interested to read your entry.

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