Enlightened Entrepreneurs And The Boiling Point

Have you seen the 212 degrees movie yet? It’s a wonderful, short inspirational movie. It’s well worth the 3-4 minutes it takes to watch. Here’s the link: http://www.212movie.com/

And, if you’re an entrepreneur here in the North Bay area with a desire to take your business to the boiling point and beyond in 2007, here is a link to a one-day-only discount for the upcoming six-month Enlightened Entrepreneurs Intensive.

Use this link to get the discount.

This discount will save you as much as $360 on the tuition. So here’s your chance to get on board with this dynamic, hands-on, intensive business program that will guide you through both the inner and outer world of enlightened entrepreneurship and help you take your business to the boiling point in 2007.

To receive the discount, just click on it (cut and paste it into your browser window if it’s not a live link in your email program) scroll down to the bottom of the Enlightened Entrepreneurs Intensive page and select the payment plan you would like. The discount will be automatically deducted on the checkout page.

Here’s the discount link again:

And even if you’re not an entrepreneur, go check out the 212 movie. You’ll be glad you did.


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