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As I’m gearing up for the first Enlightened Entrepreneurs Intensive here in the North Bay, I’m amazed at how many great blog posts I have been stumbling upon that address issues that we’ll be focusing on in this six-month intensive.

I just read this great entry over at Christine Kane’s blog, Business Advice for Artists and Sensitive People.

She lists 15 suggestions for sensitive and/or artistic business-people. Her number one piece of advice is “Learn to say no.” That’s a suggestion that almost everyone can benefit from. I think number 10 is critical: “Never send email when you’re emotional.” It’s far too easy to zip off a quick email when you’re feeling hurt or discouraged or angry. And they always come back to bit you when you do that. Listen to Christine on this one and give yourself a 24-hour cooling off period.

Yesterday, Steve Pavlina posted 10 Business Lessons From A Snarky Entrepreneur.
Steve’s list has a slightly different focus, and I because of that, they balance each other nicely. His first point, Network Selectively, makes so much sense and yet is such a difficult concept to put into practice. Read it and embody it.

His second point, “Buy the best chair you can find,” has lit a fire under my butt to go find a replacement for my 10-year old desk chair. It’s treated me well for this past decade. But it’s time to move on.

Go read these two great posts, and if you’re an entrepreneur here in the Bay Area looking to join an awesome group of like-minded, conscious capitalists, go check out the Enlightened Entrepreneurs Intensive page, It could be just what you’ve been waiting for.

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